Printable Timesheet Templates

A timesheet is a document used to record the amount of time an individual spends on different tasks or activities. It typically includes the date, the specific task or project worked on, and the amount of time spent on each activity.

Timesheets help employers know the hours their employees work for scheduling, project management, and payroll. 

We designed monthly, semi-monthly, weekly, and biweekly free timesheet templates to accommodate people wanting to download timesheets quickly.

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Download Timesheet Templates

Employees can fill out these online timesheets as a Word, Excel, PDF, Google Doc, or Google Sheets document, where breaks and overtime will be automated. Or, these timesheet templates can easily be printed off and filled out manually.

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Bi-Weekly Timesheet TemplateBi-Weekly Timesheet

This time sheet template is best used if you calculate your employees worked hours and pay on a bi-weekly basis or once every other week. This is the most common in the United States and is an excellent option if you pay workers by the hour.

26 paychecks per year

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Monthly Timesheet Monthly Timesheet

This Timesheet Template is best used if you calculate your employees worked hours and pay once a month.

12 paychecks per year

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Semi-monthly Timesheet TemplateSemi-Monthly Timesheet

This Timesheet Template is best used if you calculate your employees worked hours and pay twice a month or on a semi-monthly basis. This differs from our bi-weekly template because it splits the month in half, with the first pay period being from the 1st-15th, and the second half includes the 16th-31st.

24 paychecks per year

Free Download: Google DocGoogle SheetWordExcelPDF

Weekly timesheet template Weekly Timesheet

This timesheet template is best used if you calculate your employees worked hours and pay once a week.

52 paychecks a year

Free Download: Google DocGoogle SheetWordExcelPDF 

History of Timesheets

The history of employees tracking time dates back to the industrial revolution when the punch clock tracked workers’ hours. The punch clock was a mechanical device that allowed workers to punch in and out of their shifts, and the hours would be recorded on a paper time card. 

As the technology evolved to prevent employees from time clock rounding, mobile time-tracking was introduced, allowing for more accurate tracking and better visibility into employee hours. Today, time-tracking software is used in almost every industry to ensure that employees are paid correctly and to help manage payroll and labor costs.

Mobile Timesheet App

A timesheet app allows employees to access time-tracking tools and functions via mobile devices such as tablets or smartphones. So all employees just need to pull out their smartphones from their pockets and clock in during work hours. This is great for companies that involve a lot of fieldwork, construction, and travel.

busybusy is a mobile app that eliminates the frustrations that tag along with paper timesheets. While paper timesheets can work well for smaller companies, businesses looking to grow should consider implementing an electronic timekeeping system that is more efficient, scalable, and secure. Transitioning away from paper timesheets can help save time, reduce errors, and provide real-time information for better decision-making. 

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The right timesheet solution can make all the difference in accurately tracking employee hours and managing payroll. Our collection of printable timesheet templates offers an easy way for employers to keep track of employee hours.

In conclusion 

Keeping track of employee hours is essential for any business, and it can be a time-consuming and error-prone task. 

Paper timesheets can be a cost-effective solution, and they may work well for smaller businesses with a limited number of employees. However, they can also be time-consuming to process, and errors may occur during data entry or calculation.

Another option is to use an electronic timekeeping system like busybusy. An electronic system can streamline the timekeeping process and provide real-time information, making it easier for managers to make informed decisions, save time, reduce errors, and improve overall efficiency.

If paper timesheets are the preferred choice for your business, we sincerely hope that our timesheet templates meet your needs. However, if they do not, we are confident that busybusy can provide a solution that meets your expectations.