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Paper time cards are a waste of time and money. Time and money that you could use to hire more manpower, update and repair machinery, and buy top-quality materials.

So, let’s take a closer look at how paper time cards are costing your business, and how an employee time card app is just what your construction company needs.

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When it comes to construction companies, the elephant in the room isn’t bad handwriting. You hire guys who can get projects done fast and efficiently to make your company more money.


You may discover that your most profitable employees do not have suitable handwriting. Let an easy-to-use time tracking app gather employee data through GPS, ensuring you never have to stop production to ask time card questions again.


Often employees want to fill their timecard out one time at the end of the week. This makes it impossible to accurately divide time into the correct job sites and projects.


Employees will no longer need to stop job site progress to explain an ineligible time card, and office admin will save HOURS! Have you ever wondered why transporting timesheets from the field to the office suddenly became one of the most complicated parts of your job? Sticking to manual processes, rather than automating simple tasks, means dedicating time and people to recurring tasks such as gathering data for payroll. Something busybusy can do within a touch of a button.

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It’s not like you can walk into a cubicle forest and see everyone working efficiently. You rely on supervisors and employees to provide accurate data. It’s time-consuming to drive out to a job site and track down the workers you’re looking for. When crew members are en route, making pit stops, or getting lost, you’re losing money.


With busybusy, you can see where your crew is when they clock in. GPS breadcrumbing timestamps give location updates for each employee throughout the day. Easily verify that employees are clocking in and out where they should be. Are you afraid employees will use the excuse of “I didn’t have any wifi” or “I was out of service all day!”? You can track employee activities while they are on a job sitejobsite without access to a WiFi connection or cell phone signal! When the employee gets back into service the information is restored. busybusy will save the location and time information and record a location stamp for your employees using any Android or Apple devices. busybusy excels in the most populated areas and out-of-service locations!


According to the American Payroll Association, the average time spent adding up timecards is nearly 10 minutes per card. It is common for organizations with a manual timekeeping and payroll process to spend five hours or more each month processing payroll. Adding in human error, your payroll processing can easily add up to thousands of dollars a year, but are you adding those costs into your project bids? We’ve built a cost calculator. Find out how much you are losing to paper time cards.


busybusy’s time card app removes all need for paper and manual data entry. busybusy totals all your employee’s timecards automatically and exports them to the payroll software of your choice.


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Employees tend to round up their time cards to the nearest 10 or 15-minute mark. Sometimes card inaccuracies are not intentional as employees go off faulty clocks or work in different time zones. This is COSTLY when factoring in breaks. It’s easy to put down a 15-minute break when it was actually a half-hour. If an employee is already rounding up for the day, plus adding an extra 15 minutes even though they were on a break, you are paying an employee for almost an extra hour each day!


busybusy will accurately track employee time and has a break option on the dashboard. When employees leave a job site, know exactly how long they were gone so you never have to pay for time not worked. busybusy has GPS Reminders that will notify employees that it’s time to clock in when they arrive on-site and remind them to clock out when they leave. If you’re tired of employees clocking in before they arrive at a job site, we have a ‘Required Onsite’ feature. This verification process just makes sure an employee is in the geofence before clocking in for the day.


busybusy records time card data to the second. Data can easily be edited if an employee makes a mistake or forgets to clock in or out. Employees can be added to a group so that supervisors can see their entire crew at once. Supervisors can group clock in and out, switch projects, and more.


Buddy punching, embellishing, rounding, and deliberate padding can be problems in our industry and cost every company thousands of dollars. If your company is worried about employees clocking in their friends who are late, or a no-show for the day, you can use our facial recognition. Facial Recognition uses AI to send notifications to the office if someone clocks in for someone else. Software  isn’t a complete solution to keeping your employees on task all the time, but with busybusy’s GPS data you can view where your employees are when they’re on the clock.


With busybusy, you can also get instant updates on the project. Crew members at the site can upload photos and notes so that your team can access from anywhere an accurate progress report.

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Payroll fraud and overtime disputes are two reasons why a disgruntled employee will haul you off to court. Legally your employees have two to three years to litigate for back pay or suspected payroll fraud. With paper time cards you need office space dedicated to storing all the payroll and court documents. You then have to decide to digitize the documents, which is costly, or run the risk of losing them during a fire, flood, or theft.


With busybusy, you’ll never have to store another paper time card. Our cloud-based app stores your information within a secure server, you can then log in on any web browser. Employees are less likely to dispute payroll because we record all timecard changes with a username stamp, so they can’t claim that someone else changed their time card. You, as the employer, can have confidence that the records kept by the busybusy app hold up in a court of law.


These headaches can be eliminated just by getting rid of paper time cards. Our time card app was developed by a construction business for construction businesses and works on any Android or iOS mobile device, tablet, and web browser.


We’ve got a Spanish and English version of our app, so every member of your team can start clocking in easily and get to work right away. We also offer customer support in Spanish!


There are many reasons why businesses haven’t made the switch to a time card app, but the most common reason is that they believe the switch will be too painful. busybusy is the most user-friendly mobile time tracking app on the market., Iintegrating with us is a simple process that anyone can learn! This software was created to make employees’ and supervisors’ jobs simple. Our website has a Frequently Asked Question page; find the most common questions here or scroll to speak, chat, or schedule a demo instantly with a busybusy professional! We provide all of the resources for employees, supervisors, and office administration to make the transition of switching to a time tracking app painless.


So, unless you like seeing those dollars slip away, it’s time to switch to a timecard app and start saving time and money. Try out busybusy absolutely FREE today! Still unsure? Let’s talk! We would love to show you more about how the app can help you in your business and answer any questions you may have.

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“At the time I found out I had cancer I was working 45-50 hours per week on top of being a single mom. The doctors told me that I needed to have chemo a week after I found out and surgery 2 weeks after that. After surgery, the doctors told me that I needed to have chemo once a week for 5 weeks and radiation everyday for 5 weeks. Through this time I didn’t have a replacement for my job and had to continue working and maintain, at minimum, billing and payroll. Having busybusy as the time clock for the guys made my job so much easier during this time. My surgery was on Friday and I was able to leave the hospital on Sunday and still have payroll ready on Monday. I was also able to maintain the billing side during chemo every week. I have been on busybusy for over 2 years now and would have a hard time giving it up.”


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