Only pay for the team members who are using busybusy. Simple.

What Makes an Active User?

A user who has logged into the app, the web, or has a time entry.

Minimum Users

On our Pro plan, if all users become inactive, you will be charged for a minimum of one user.

If you have more than 200 users, we can offer special Enterprise pricing, contact us for more information.

*Our free plan is free up to 100 users.

Adding New Users

You can add a new user at any time during the billing cycle, we will view them as active and your bill will automatically adjust.

Inactive Accounts

Every month our app will detect which users were active and which were not. When we detect users that become inactive, we will automatically remove their cost from your next month’s bill. We will detect and add any new users.

Billing Period

Each billing period starts on the day of the month you activated your account. You will be billed the following month on the same day.

Annual Billing

Annual billing is available at a lower rate than our monthly per user cost. Contact us for more details.

Cancel Account

You can cancel your paid busybusy account at any time. An account canceled at any point in the billing cycle will be charged for all active users at that time. Even if the account is only one day into the billing cycle.