About Us

The backstory behind construction’s favorite app!

The Beginning of busybusy

Busybusy wasn’t founded by marketers looking to make fast cash or by techies with an idea for the “next big thing”. Instead, busybusy’s founder Isaac Barlow,  comes from a construction background with years of experience in excavating, landscaping, masonry, and land development. He noticed, while managing construction businesses, they weren’t able to accurately track employee time and jobsite progress. On his way home from one of his projects, he pulled over and started writing down his ideas.

The Launch

Busybusy was founded in 2010 and has grown into the #1 Time Tracking app for all non-desk employee industries. busybusy has improved the relationship between field employees and office staffs at thousands of companies, on millions of projects, in over 30 countries. Improving the accuracy of data capture has made busybusy one of the most essential tools on the jobsite for improved estimating, faster payroll, and better decision making.


What We Do


Our goal is to provide the best replacement for paper timecards that accurately track your team and equipment from your mobile device, without breaking the bank!

With the busybusy time tracking app, you gain real-time insight into your crew’s productivity with GPS time tracking and jobsite monitoring so you can focus on the project at hand. With our geofencing capabilities, you never have to worry about employees clocking in before they arrive at the jobsite.


This app was created to better organize jobsites so you can get back to doing what you love- construction. Leave daily reports, timecard signatures, time off requests, and payroll to us.

Where we’ve been

busybusy icon
Founded September 2010

busybusy was incorporated.

iPhone icon
busybusy Time Tracking App January 2011

busybusy released the first version of the app

equipment icon
Equipment Tracking - feature release February 2016

busbusy gives the capability to easily track equipment in the field

Caterpillar Icon
Investment by Caterpillar January 2017

Series A Investment led by Caterpillar.

small construction employees
10,000+ Contractors November 2017

Surpassed 10,000 active contractors using busybusy daily.

scheduling icon
Scheduling - feature release Auguest 2018

Released scheduling feature for contractors.

supervisor tools icon
Supervisor Tools - feature release July 2019

Released Supervisor Tools feature for contractors.

kisok mode icon
Kiosk Mode - feature release September 2019

Released kiosk mode feature for employees to use a kiosk.

medium construction employees
25,000+ Contractors July 2020

Surpassed 25,000 active contractors using busybusy daily.

scheduling icon
Daily Project Reports - feature release October 2020

Released Daily Project Reports for contractors.

daily project report icon
Progress Tracking - feature release July 2021

Released Progress Tracking feature for contractors.

Payroll Icon
Embedded Payroll - feature release February 2022

Released Embedded Payroll feature for office staff.

large construction employees
50,000+ Contractors June 2022

Surpassed 50,000 active contractors using busybusy daily.

Documents Icon
Documents - feature release April 2023

Released Documents feature for office staff & contractors.

large construction employees
75,000+ Contractors June 2023

Surpassed 75,000 active contractors using busybusy daily.

Team Messaging Icon
Team Messaging - feature release July 2023

Released Team Messaging feature for company communication.

Acquisition Icon
Align Technologies Acquisition December 2023

Align Technologies (formerly ToolWatch) acquires busybusy.


Where we’re at

Within the Last year:

• 2,496,196 Jobsite Photos Uploaded

• 6,077,507 Daily Safety Sign Offs

• 109,719,995 Time Card Hours Tracked

Join thousands of construction experts who trust busybusy for accurate time tracking.

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What’s Next

As the construction industry continues to grow and get better, so does busybusy. Check out our features that are improving the lives of employees, supervisors, and admins. We have a devoted team that takes your feedback seriously and is always working to make our app user-friendly. If you have suggestions for improvements, you can state them here, we’d love to hear how we can make your time tracking easier.


A Few of Our Customers

Review stars

JRock Construction

"I tried five to six different types of time tracking systems, including: TSheets, Fingerprint cards, regular paper time cards, even key fob systems where they use a key to clock in and out every single day. It just never worked, nothing ever worked. As soon as we started using busybusy I knew right then that for time keeping we had found the solution."

Review stars

Hard Co Construction

“I love the entire system! I can see who’s clocked in, where they’re clocked in and see pictures of progress at the same time. The time card printing is fantastic as well. I really like seeing the breakdown of each cost code. It really makes my job easier and 100% more convenient!”

Review stars

High Country Construction

“busybusy helps us with accountability. It is no longer, ‘I may have worked 8 hours’, when in reality it is ‘I worked a little over 7 hours’ . busybusy is a huge part of helping us be competitive in our industry. With busybusy, you can get the feedback and reports that you can’t get anywhere else. Most of all we are more efficient on the jobsite.”

Review stars

Creative Excavation

“My company has used busybusy for over 5 years, and because of this system we have become the most efficient excavators in Southern Utah. Thanks to busybusy, I was able to open a sister company called Creative Excavation Properties. In two short years, it has been able to grow to the level that Creative Excavation is at today.”

How to track time with busybusy

• Start your busybusy free trial here.

• Invite your crew to track time with busybusy.

• Download the mobile app to manage time directly from the job.

• Run reports to view real-time project and labor costs.

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