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The busybusy Job Site Time Clock App Can Streamline the Way You Work


Construction and other mobile trade workers face daily challenges that most other industries wouldn’t understand. One area where field crews could gain major improvement is with time management.


Construction, in particular, has long been plagued by inefficiency, but by transforming an Android or iOS mobile phone or tablet into a job site time clock, construction companies can see dramatic improvements in time management and resulting cost savings.


With the busybusy job site time clock app, field supervisors can accurately pinpoint how much time workers spend in the field on a particular task. This GPS-based time data can be used to calculate job site costs better, save on expensive overhead and help employees to leverage their productivity for career promotion.


With Spanish and English options, workers and employers alike can agree that the simple-to-use time clock is an improvement over traditional time tracking methods.


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Do You Know Your Costs As Well As You Think?


You and your crew may know how to do your job with your eyes closed (not that your safety manager would allow it), but how well do you know your support processes? If you don’t have a true handle on the time actually spent on a job, you’re not alone. We find that many job site managers fall victim to similar cost and efficiency challenges based on the use of inaccurate data.


Some of the most common challenges construction and mobile trade crew managers face include:


Not having access to accurate time data.

Whether your workers are on a different job site daily or building a rough shell into something more, they rarely watch the clock. So whether you chalk it up to human error or flat-out misrepresentation, chances are that the time reflected on the timesheet isn’t exactly accurate. Go ahead and run the numbers to see how much adding an extra five minutes for everyone, every day, impacts your bottom line. Painful, isn’t it?


Not maximizing time on the job site.

Let’s face it, the construction and mobile trade industries are among the last to use paper timesheets but could benefit the most from automating the time management process. Other industries are walking time sheets down the hall, not driving across town collecting data to take to the office. There’s too much important information here to risk losing it in transit or to ignore the potential for errors in the field, not to mention the time lost managing manual processes.


Not knowing if workers are maximizing their time on the job site.

Job sites may change daily or present fresh unknowns every day. How much time do you really want to waste tracking down crew members to ask for a progress update, a timesheet, or other information? That is, assuming they’re even on the site and not offsite on a break, material run, or even at a different job site.


Paying too much for payroll support.

Most construction and mobile trade workers would rather be investing in the job at hand rather than supporting processes that aren’t generating any revenue. While accounting and payroll are critical necessities for running your business, it’s not necessary that they break the bank. But if you’re still relying on people to enter and verify time data manually, you can be sure you’re spending too much on overhead.


Miscalculating your job site costs.

How much time do you really spend on the job site? You might know roughly how many days or months it took to complete a project, but how much of that time was truly engaged in work for the project? Without this critical data, you can’t expect to calculate your next job accurately, and that’s a recipe for certain long-term failures.

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Let the busybusy Job Site Time Clock Automate Your Time Tracking Processes


The surprising fact is that accurate time management data is easily attained. When mobile workers use busybusy to turn existing smartphones, tablets, or browsers into job site time clocks, they are able to readily harness a wide range of data that can dramatically reduce human error and unnecessary costs and help to earn new jobs. With busybusy, managers can now:

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Have access to accurate time data for workers.

The second your workers step on the job site, the busybusy time clock app can send a GPS-based reminder that it’s time to clock in. Same goes for stepping in or out for breaks and clocking out for the day. Alternatively, site supervisors can simplify the process by clocking in and out for the full crew at once. By automating these processes, construction and other mobile-based trades can eliminate time clock padding and save thousands of dollars each year.

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Maximize time on the job site.

Data entered into the busybusy job site time clock app is automatically visible to managers and, if you prefer, the entire mobile crew. Managers no longer have to transport timesheets to the office. They can get answers to their questions and run reports to analyze data or track a project’s progress through the app. Or access workers’ notes about a project, complete with photographs, documents, receipts, and other supporting data.

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Understand how workers are maximizing time on the job site.

With built-in GPS capabilities, busybusy tracks more than time. When workers are actively clocked in, the GPS-enabled solution is on to help you locate each team member – with or without wifi. Make it easy for workers to find their colleagues or the employee you need instantly. The app can save GPS data for remote job sites and add a location stamp to employee information once a WiFi connection is re-established. Employees can make the GPS work for them by saving repeated routes and navigating new sites easily.

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Pay less for payroll support.

No longer does payroll have to take all day. Now you can make the most of your Android or iOS device by turning it into a data solution: run reports to see employees’ regular time and overtime for that pay period or schedule time off. Verified time data can be exported from the app into QuickBooks or your other accounting software so payroll can be completed in minutes rather than hours. With Busy Payroll, there is no need to export to external payroll software. Instantly run payroll, and pay employees using busybusy payroll with Gusto.

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Accurately calculate job site costs.

When you can accurately pinpoint when and where your mobile crews are working, you gain the information you need to make better and more profitable business decisions. Real-time data makes it possible to calculate better how much time a project takes, giving you tremendous new insight into your true costs.

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Crew members will see major benefits, too.

Workers who are accurate in their time tracking, efficient in their position, and practically improving the job site single-handedly can look forward to an accurate reflection of their work ethic. With indisputable data collected from their mobile device, they can now make the best possible case for promotion. The live chat feature is available 24/7 to help every worker easily work the app, and employees can rest easily knowing that the GPS tracking is only active when employees are clocked in.

Customers Who Love the busybusy Job Site Time Clock App

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“busybusy helps us see the live labor cost on projects and measure how much we are spending and budgeting on each job. We can set a goal to not exceed 80% of the budget on a job, and incentivise our employees to achieve the goal.”


Hedgehog Electric

“It has worked so well for our company that I would love others to have the same system.”


Harker Forage