Construction Calculators

Need help turning your jobsites into SMART Jobsites? Take a look at some of our useful calculators & utilities to get started with smart jobsite data!

Rounded Hours

  • Number of Employees

  • Average Hourly Wage

  • Typical Labor Burden

Hours Breakdown

  • Minutes Late to Work

  • Minutes Left Early

  • Minutes Too Long on Break

  • Workdays in a Week

  • Weeks Per Year

  • Work Hours Lost Each Year

    117 /hours

  • Money Lost Using Paper

Hours Gathering Timecards

  • Hours Spent Gathering by Office & Supervisors

  • Hours Manually Entering / Job Costing

  • Hours Double Checking / Correcting Errors

  • Hours busybusy Saves You Each Year


Overtime Hours

  • Number of Employees

  • Average Hourly Wage

  • OT Hours In One Month

  • Typical Labor Burden

  • Total Overtime Cost