Wire Size Calculator

Effortlessly calculate the ideal wire size for your electrical circuits with our user-friendly wire size calculator. Designed for electricians, engineers, and DIY enthusiasts alike, this tool helps you determine the best wire size to handle your circuit’s voltage, current, and length. Enter your circuit details, such as the source voltage, maximum amperes, phase type, insulation temperature, conductor material, installation method, allowable voltage drop, and circuit distance, and the calculator will show you the optimal wire size for your needs. Follow the easy steps below and gain a clear understanding of your circuit requirements!

wire size calculator


Step 1: Choose your measurement units (Imperial or Metric).
Step 2: Input the source voltage of your circuit in the corresponding input field.
Step 3: Enter the maximum amperes that your circuit will handle.
Step 4: Select the phase of your circuit (Single-Phase or Three-Phase).
Step 5: Choose the insulation temperature rating of your wire.
Step 6: Select the conductor material in your wire (Copper or Aluminum).
Step 7: Choose the method of installation for your circuit (Raceway, Cable, Buried in Earth, or Open Air).
Step 8: Select the allowable voltage drop in your circuit.
Step 9: Input the one-way length of your circuit in the “Distance” input field.
Step 10: Click Calculate to determine the optimal wire size for your circuit.
Step 11: Review the results to see the suggested wire size and the voltage at maximum drop. Use this information to effectively plan your electrical project.

Wire Size Calculator
Wire Size
Voltage at Max Drop