Using Electronic Time Tracking to Minimize the Spread of Germs

They’re lurking everywhere, even where you least expect them—Yep, germs. Right now, we’re worried about flattening the curve, doing everything we can to slow the spread of “the virus that shall not be named” and taking all due measures to ensure the utmost for the safety and health of our crews. Something we need to be thinking about is, what do we do when this lockdown ends, and our team members get back out onto job sites.

For good reasons, the Coronavirus has changed how we approach everyday tasks. Social distancing has become a common practice that will likely continue to be a part of our lives for some time to come, even when we start to get back to work. 

The Murky Threat of Construction Time Cards

Construction industry news has been abuzz with what things like social distancing mean for construction crews who now have to think about maintaining an appropriate distance from their co-workers when out on job sites. But one thing that hasn’t been talked about much is what other surprise threats might be lingering on job sites.

Paper time cards are a traditional way of keeping everything in order for payroll processing. But paper time cards might not be the best solution for numerous reasons. We could go on at length about the logistical reasons traditional paper time cards are an outdated option compared to mobile time tracking apps. In fact, we have. 

Another key benefit of using a time clock app rather than a paper option to track construction time and to keep an eye on overall job cost is that using a clock app rather than a time card ensures team members are keeping their hands to themselves. (Not that crew members hands’ are dirty. We’re sure they’re washing up. But you can only be so careful.)

A mobile time clock is an option that every team member can keep in their pocket, allowing them to clock in and out on their device. There is no sharing of devices, even when a crew member is clocking in the time they have spent using a piece of equipment. This is truly a way to take social distancing to the next level, even while teams are working together on job sites, helping to ensure the health and safety of everybody. 

And while it might go without saying, we’ll also point out that there would no longer be a need to gather time cards, haul them to the office, and no one needs to spend time sifting through them to manually enter the hours. The benefits go beyond the efficiency of time, think of how many people cross-contaminate those paper cards! As we already pointed out, with mobile time tracking, no one is touching something that has to be handed off to someone else so there is no reason to worry about touching a surface that isn’t clean. 

Finding the Option for Your Crew

Fortunately, a mobile time clock does not have to be an expensive option. There are free time clock apps available to get you started if you want to test the waters. It can be a good idea to try out construction time tracking and check out different options to see which one will work best for your business and your crew. You’ll also want to see which option has the features that will work best for your business. 

As you do start to work with construction time tracking, one of the things you will quickly see is how great this option is to help you stay connected with your crew, both inside and outside of the office. With social distancing in full force, one of the many challenges companies have had to deal with is figuring out how to stay connected. A great construction time tracking device can help entire crews stay connected without having to meet up face-to-face, allowing them to share detailed information easily. It really is simple. 

There have been many grim premonitions about what the Coronavirus might mean for the construction industry. However, there are many focused on building tech advances to will help construction companies upgrade their systems to adapt and overcome this hurdle. Many companies are already stronger as this virus has created awareness to become more efficient and many will become stronger soon. The nice thing about adversity is, it does make those who survive better and technology adoption is a great way to ensure you are the right side of that bell curve. 


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