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Are you wondering how time is properly converted from hours and minutes to decimal format for payroll?

Decimal time is fairly common because it makes it easy to add and subtract times, thus making it frequently used in both accounting and time-keeping solutions. When filling out time cards, you typically report that you were at work for let’s say, 8 hours and 15 minutes, and the next day you worked for 11 hours and 25 minutes. With this chart, you can simply find the minutes you worked and see what the decimal would be.  Converting them to 8.25 and 11.42 makes it easier to add your time at the end of the week.

Within a time tracking software, reports you generate will export in a decimal format. These are in fact the same, just displayed differently. Advanced time tracking apps like busybusy partner with accounting services to easily upload timesheet entries for a quick and accurate payroll process. A free time card calculator has been made to simplify your process.

Converting the time can be confusing, but it doesn’t have to be!

Minute to Decimal Conversion Chart

Convert Time from Hour & Minute Format to Decimal using Excel

Convert the decimal time to your desired format in Excel by dividing the time by 24 and then formatting the result. You can also use Excel in-built formulas such as CONVERTor HOUR/MINUTE/SECOND

Decimal Time Converter Excel

Having a software that converts time automatically for you is a must for every business owner. See how the time tracking app busybusy will help you convert time, and generate accurate reports! You can’t afford not to.