Top Reasons for Upgrading Your Construction Software

Does your construction software need an upgrade? A growing construction company needs a software to efficiently and effortlessly manage a business. If not, it’s time to start looking into upgrading your construction software to handle your growth as a company. This article will go through the various reasons why upgrading your construction management software is not only convenient and useful but necessary.

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Top Reasons Contractors Need to Upgrade Their Construction Software


Staying Up to Date

Like we’ve said before, taking the time to evaluate your technological needs annual is becoming more and more necessary. The rate of change of technology is exponential (see below). Because of this increasing change, updating is more important now than it was ten, twenty, or thirty years ago.

This was made in 2015 with projections based on current increases in technology.

Keep it Consistent

Getting the office and the field on the same system is important. Often the two parts of a company are disconnected entities that don’t share information. This leads to redundant processes and an inability to properly plan and execute—internally and externally. Making sure the office knows the infield process and vice versa helps the communication be more clear, concise, and effective.

Improving Cashflow

With improving construction software, using outdated ways to bill and track expenses results in a suffering cash flow which limits your ability to grow. With an ERP updated system, you can see results like:

  • 50% less time spent tracking and managing unapproved invoices
  • 50% less time spent on billing creation, tracking, and management
  • 30% less post-completion reworking of information

“Cash is certainly king in construction. And it takes a lot of cash to run their business,” says Gary Gilmore, senior product manager for Viewpoint’s Spectrum. “Modern ERP systems improve cash flow with automated payment processes, which allows companies to expand their business beyond what they could because they’re constricted by cash flow.”

Taking Advantage of Emerging Tech

Emerging technologies are crucial to today’s contractors who want to future-proof their business. But many contractors find themselves unable to capitalize on these vital business tools. “Construction, in general, is the second lowest industry as far as the adoption of technology, just ahead of agriculture,” says Scott Rosenbloom, vice president of product strategy for Viewpoint’s Spectrum solution. “Even larger clients are stagnated. It’s almost like analysis paralysis.”

Ten years ago, smartphones were a luxury, but today, smartphones are a necessity. It is another tool in your belt and must be utilized as such. This is true for much more than just smartphones. All construction technology can give you the true story of what is happening in your company. Going away are the times of guess-timations and prayers for profits. Come to stay are the times of SMART jobsites (jobsites with specific, measurable, actionable, relevant, and timely goals), data, and up to date daily budgets.

Upgrading for Success

In a world asking construction to do more with less, technology helps you protect profits, meet expectations, and do so without having to miss dinner crunching the numbers. If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to busybusy (because we live for updating your tech). Click here to schedule a free demo!