Tools to Improve Remote Construction Management

Being in the construction industry, a lot of us have had to face a bit more free time than most of us are used to. But there are still plenty of ways to work from home even with measures in place. 

Between binging Netflix and catching up on all those hours of sleep you missed while you’ve been on the construction site, there are still plenty of things you can do to improve your remote construction management tools. Start by setting up your GPS time tracking system to ensure it’s ready to be implemented when restrictions are lifted, and your crew is ready to get out there and get back to work. 

Setting Up a Time Tracking System

If you aren’t already using time trackers for your fleet and your employees, now’s the time to start. As you work from home, you have the perfect opportunity to implement a system such as a tracking app (to name one example). If you pick a good one, it will automatically generate your construction daily report too. Giving you all the information you need to know in one place. Which employees were on which job site each day, where each piece of equipment was used and by whom—information that can be put to good use in numerous ways.

When you know which operators are using what equipment and for how long, you can help ensure that equipment is being used properly and in the most effective way possible. These kinds of management tools can be more powerful than you even realize and can make a big difference in your bottom line. There’s a reason technology has disrupted so many industries, the people who use it jump in profit and those who don’t eventually go to zero.

And About Those Daily Reports…

We’re not going to gloss over those daily reports we just mentioned, don’t you worry. A construction daily report is a powerful tool that gives you valuable stats about your job site from labor burden costs and bid management to the total cost of completing a job. 

Implementing the right tools is a necessity when it comes to creating these daily reports. So if you haven’t already, then now is the best time to start setting up a system with GPS time tracking and other tools such as document management. (I know, there’s that Netflix show about the guy with the tigers you’ve been meaning to watch, but it can wait.) That way, you can be sure everyone from the workers out in the field to those in the office can easily report in, easily track their time, and access what they need from the convenience of a mobile device or a laptop. Who needs the Tiger King when you are becoming the Construction King. 

Another advantage of systems like this is that they enable better communication across the board and decrease errors that could lead to wasted work hours and money. Improving communication is something we all strive for, so I’m sure you can be on board for that. Especially after you take a look at a software that shows you where each employee is currently working, where each piece of your yellow iron is and each active project location, all on ONE map. (heart eyes) GPS Time Tracking really does start to change a construction business into a job site intelligence business!

Monitoring the Situation

Ultimately, one of the things you should be thinking about right now is what you’ll need to do in the future when business kicks back into high gear. 

Construction project management software gives you a great way to monitor your worksite, and things are running the way they should. There’s a reason that now is a good time to upgrade your software. A time clock app can help ensure that everybody is clocked in on time, with location-based reminders prompting them as they enter and leave the job site. 

Meanwhile, getting GPS updates to know the location of your employees and equipment, getting equipment usage hours, and fuel percentages, as well as overall job site costs, while also understanding the labor burden for each employee, will make a world of difference when it comes to budgeting and bidding future jobs. 

It’s easy to feel “stuck” when you can’t get out to the job site. But rather than start and stop, over and over again, it’s time to get started and keep going, right up until you can get your new plans implemented on the job site. You can start putting everything in gear now with a free plan, in between episodes of whatever show you’re binging as you slow the spread, practice responsible social distancing, and wait for the end of lockdown.


If you’d like to learn more about tools that can be used for remote construction management or you’d like to learn more about how busybusy can help as a service, contact us today!