The Secret to the Best Performing Crews in the Construction Industry

A magician never reveals his tricks, but I’m no David Copperfield. I do, however, know how to work a bit of magic when it comes to construction project management. The good news is, you don’t need magic to get your crew up to speed and performing the way you need them to be – but damn, it probably feels that way sometimes. Getting your construction project operating at maximum efficiency may seem like an impossible task, but all it really takes is knowing what causes the most problems for each construction crew. From there, just a few things can make a world of difference in getting the most out of every construction worker on your job site. 

Knowledge is Power – Here’s How to Get Smart

Construction managers – they’re the head honchos, the folks calling the shots. So if a crew isn’t operating as efficiently as you’d like, it only makes sense to start at the top and consider what’s up with the guys in charge of task management. All too often, it’s not that there’s a problem with leaders not knowing how to lead. The problem instead is simple – your leaders don’t have the information they need to lead effectively. 

Case in point – the construction daily report. It tells you the amount of time and work performed, where that time is being spent, and even includes daily logging of information such as equipment usage. Those are all vital details you and your team need to know to make better decisions regarding employee scheduling, equipment rentals, and much more. But if the construction daily report isn’t accurate, you and your team can’t make good decisions. Companies that aren’t doing a “Daily” are missing out on a critical part of reporting and evaluating a job site, which allows them to become waaaay more profitable and productive.

That’s why so many of the best construction companies are now turning to the use of a construction daily report app to more accurately log information such as work hours and labor costs. Using an app to help automate the process of creating a daily report, complete with accurate and detailed information, puts you and the rest of the team in-the-know. Using an app also saves a ton of time compared to doing it on paper and creates better records to refer back to. Now, everyone involved can make better decisions faster than ever before, helping boost employee productivity. 

Easy Is Better – Improving Daily Reports 

Accuracy is important, but the sheer amount of information you need to keep track of can be overwhelming. There is typically a lot more information needed in a daily report than one might even realize. In addition to keeping track of employees’ hours and other key information, there are other things general contractors need to know to make good, informed decisions. 

Getting the entire crew to work together and communicate to report this information is key to making sure every daily report has the details it needs in place to be ready to go. However, getting your crew to play along also means using a construction app that makes the process of reporting these important details as simple as possible. Not that workers are lazy. Far from it. But when there is so much to get done on the job site, even something as simple as getting workers to clock in and clock out when they arrive, leave, and take breaks is a challenge unless you have a good time clock app. 

Bearing that in mind, the same time clock app you are using to track employee hours can also be a useful daily report app that lets you track the information you need to get a better handle on labor costs, to track equipment, to take job site photos for your records, to get a safety report everyday from each project and to keep track of important notes.

With a time clock app like busybusy, everything is cloud-based with GPS tracking. Getting employees to clock in is as simple as making sure they have their mobile device with them, and good news, anyone under 85 years old ALWAYS has their phone! This kind of construction app also allows workers to easily snap photos, log their use of equipment, and track other key information you need to know for your construction daily report. 

Things become much easier once you’ve made the move from a standard punch list to a system that does everything for you and your team – even filling in a construction daily report template of your design becomes automated with the right app. And when things are easier, it becomes much easier to get crews to work together and perform to their best ability.


There are a lot of things that make busybusy more than a simple time clock app. If you are ready to begin learning more about how busybusy can help you boost the performance of your crew and help keep your jobs profitable, contact us today!  We will give you a Free 30-Day trial of the product to show you just how easy your new daily report can be. Create an account and get going in less than five minutes.