Straight Up Masonry: Building Business with Efficient Payroll Management

For every small business owner who is both a worker and a manager, payroll is an onerous task that can be a weekly or bi-weekly setback. Processing timesheets, calculating hours, running down employees to clarify jobs — each takes away from doing the important things that every business owner and tradesperson would rather be doing. Despite the hassle, payroll isn’t a responsibility that can be ignored.

For managers at Straight Up Masonry in southern Utah, payroll used to be a nightmare. Then, owner and 20-year mason Leo Fehrenbacker discovered a better way to do business with his employees.

Connectivity is Key

For any small business, especially one with several employees working at multiple jobsites, time and personnel management requires detailed tracking and record-keeping. If you miss one person’s daily hours, someone is going to have a short paycheck next Friday. Leo faced that problem on a weekly basis at Straight Up Masonry.

Leo explains that he used to lose an entire day of work on payday because he was handing out checks, correcting errors, and trying to adjust hours for the next week. Over time, those missed Fridays added up for the owner/mason who loves to be in the field more than he loves to be bogged down on a paper trail to nowhere.

Leo needed a solution that allowed him to keep track of all his workers, jobs, and time-on-site for dozens of clients. He needed information to follow him wherever he went instead of him having to follow the information.

The connectivity that comes with the busybusy app make it possible for small business owners to stay connected to employees, payroll, and most importantly, the jobs they love. By eliminating paper, owners like Leo can open an app on their phone, see who is where, doing what, and for how many hours — freeing up time to be more productive.

Fluid Payroll Servicing Adds to Business Productivity

For Straight Up Masonry, switching to busybusy led to measurable results within the first year. In fifteen years of working masonry jobs, Leo never had access to a simple-to-use program that gave him exact data on each job.

When he started using busybusy, he could see exactly how many hours of labor each job required and that led to more accurate cost accounting. After one year of automated time-tracking and payroll, Straight Up Masonry saw a 30% increase in revenue.

No Need For Micromanaging

With busybusy, there’s no need for owners or managers to be on-site to check personnel, verify clock-in and clock-out, or hand out paychecks on payday. The app gives both managers and payroll processors instant access to accurate times, locations, job accounting, and paycheck information.

For all the things that a small business owner needs to worry about, don’t let payroll continue to be one of the headaches. Make the switch to busybusy and experience how easy and more efficient payroll can lead to a bigger paycheck for every business.