Office Managers are Falling in Love with busybusy

For big and small companies alike, business managers are frequently the most loved and hated people in the front office. That’s because they are usually the ones handling the number one thing every employee is most concerned with — paychecks. For office managers, payroll is a time-consuming source of stress and anxiety, both before and after payday.

Luckily, an innovative new app is changing how both office managers and employees see payroll. It’s more accurate, efficient, and most of all, user friendly.

Eliminate Errors

For office managers, decoding handwritten timesheets can be a major headache. Second-guessing an employee’s entries can lead to serious discrepancies and payday conflicts. Most payroll processors don’t have time to chase down every employee to verify a number, double-check entries, or fix mathematical errors on cumulative hours.

On top of having to be a handwriting specialist, most office managers suffer from the universal condition of being human. It’s easy to make mistakes or overlook a mis-keyed entry when there’s a stack of tattered time sheets in front of you and the phone won’t stop ringing. Staring at a spreadsheet of numbers is frustrating when having to find the one wrong entry in a thousand is a challenge.

That’s why office managers are praising busybusy’s new mobile technology that eliminates errors and increases payroll accounting accuracy. With the busybusy app, there are no more sloppy time sheets, typed data entry, or human error.

Office managers — especially from companies that manage several worksites, dozens of contractors, or multiple entities — are breathing easier now that there is an accurate and efficient cure for their payroll nightmares.

Payroll Numbers Straight from the Source

Because busybusy has been designed to be a highly user-friendly platform, every employee can install and learn the app quickly. Instead of keeping handwritten time sheets, each worker enters personal data directly — eliminating the risk of a manual entry error later on. The app keeps track of time and jobs for cost accounting and instantly converts all the confusing hour and minute calculations.

Businesses that rely on the busybusy app empower their employees by making time tracking an easy part of everyone’s daily responsibilities. Additionally, employees who are actively engaged in their own payroll entries are apt to be more attentive to signing in and out, tracking breaks, and evaluating their own performance.

Payroll numbers that come directly from the source lets employees know that responsible time tracking will only benefit them.

Saving Time, Saving Money

When office managers have access to accurate and detailed data, it results in more effective and economical payroll. Over time, minor errors and cost accounting discrepancies can add up. Lost time means lost money that a business would be able to use for growth instead. Correct the errors by utilizing the most advanced and easiest to use time tracking software on the market.

Make your office manager the company hero and switch to busybusy today. Watch how payroll accuracy and efficiency leads to happier employees, increased productivity, and long-term savings.