Get the Most Out of Your Convention

When convention season rolls around we start getting stoked about all the new ideas and technology. It’s easy to get overwhelmed by all the events a speakers, so we’ve collected the best tips for your next builders convention.

Stay on Target

Don’t get sidetracked by cool looking seminars or the long line for a popular event, have a clear plan in place. For example, your contractor business may be struggling to find qualified workers. With this problem in mind you can plan out which speakers will have the most benefit for you.

First, schedule your time so that you attend the on-topic seminars and then you will know when you can jump into the nearest interesting event.

Excited about a Speaker?

So is everyone else. So instead of waiting to talk to them after their presentation, see if you can get in contact with them beforehand. LinkedIn or business emails are your best way to get in contact with speakers and get in a direct line of questions. They may even alter their presentation to address your questions.

Pro Tip: Don’t ignore the unknown speakers, you can often have more in depth discussions from lower profile speakers.

Pace Yourself

Arrive early at the convention, so you won’t be bogged down with getting your pass. You can also accomplish a lot in the first day, booth teams are fresh and excited, so you get their best pitch, also their best swag.

Don’t forget about the office

Don’t expect your cell phone to get reception in an events hall. Unless you have been to the venue before, you have to expect that your phone won’t get reliable network service for any business emergencies back home. Remember when we suggested scheduling out your time? Well, if you do that, you can reserve time in the day where your team knows they will be able to reach you. Whether you go back to the office or sit in the lobby, you can take an hour in the day to sort through your inbox or slack messages.


Remember that not only are the event presenters people worth networking with, but the event goers sitting next to you are as well. You never know when you will be sitting with the owner of a subcontracting business, or the CEO of a new tech company. Bring your business cards and chat with whoever you find yourself around.

This is just our list of our most favorite tips for a convention. If we’ve missed anything let us know! We are always eager to learn new tactics to get the most out of a convention.