Activity Reports | busybusy Feature Update

Ready to take jobsite reports to the next level?

Available in the palm of your hand, jobsite reports are now even more intelligent and accessible.

busybusy is excited to announce the Activity Reports feature, available on your smartphone and web application.

Businesses using the pro version of busybusy are using the activity reports to answer questions like:

  • What are the daily operating costs of my employees?
  • How much overtime am I paying out per project?
  • How many hours did my equipment run across all projects?
  • How are the labor hours of my business trending from 6 months ago?
  • And much more…

To view activity reports, go to the Reports Section of the busybusy application.

This can be done from the web view using a computer, as well as the mobile view from your smartphone.

From this screen, in the Labor Activity section, reports can be broken down by Project, Employee, Cost Code, and Equipment.

Reports can be sorted by custom date from the web, and month-to-month using your smartphone.

The Project Report sorts all data by project, providing detailed information of the hours and costs spent on each one.

The Employee Report provides in-depth information of each employee, providing you with a summarized and detailed view.

Employee activities can be sorted by project, cost code, equipment, or date.

The Cost Code Activity Report provides a summarized view of cost-code activity that can be reviewed for in-depth details.

Providing you with insights of which activities your company profits from most, and how much time each activity is taking per project.

Using the Equipment Activity Report provides your team with the information they need to understand the costs and productivity of operators, with information sorted by project, employee, and cost-code.

Using the information from activity reports is helping our industry to improve productivity and profitability, the results of Jobsite Intelligence.

Our customers matter to us, and we’re interested in your success.

If you have any questions about how to use these reports, please reach out to us through the in app chat, or give us a call at 855.287.9287