6 Ways Mobile Time Tracking Will Save You Money

Technology has come so far, and yet many businesses are still using paper time cards. (We’re looking at you, contractors!) Going mobile with time tracking will optimize your business.

Manual time tracking is a familiar way to handle payroll, but it brings more hassles than benefits. This is where busybusy, a mobile time tracking app for construction companies, comes in. It eliminates a whole lot of problems while giving you data that helps you cut waste and make better estimates.

Let’s look at 6 ways going mobile with time tracking will save you time and money.

  1. Data from a mobile time clock is accurate and reliable. A mobile time clock can save you money by providing more accurate tracking on current projects and future bids. Time clocks start when your crew begins and end when your crew is done working for the day. While a paper time card is often filled out just once a week, the busybusy app is updated throughout the day.
  2. Labor costs are easier to calculate. Save money with better job estimates, thanks to fine-tuned time tracking. With paper time cards, gathering data is time-consuming and often inaccurate. A mobile app can create at-a-glance reports on man-hours and labor costs for individual employees as well as entire projects.
  3. Employees can approve and sign their time card in the app. Never again will you have to hunt down signed time cards from your mobile workforce!
  4. Timesheet information can be accessed in seconds. A cloud-based app for time tracking gives you instant access to any and all time sheet records. Need to recall labor costs for a project from 6 years ago? No problem. Want to average labor costs for every 2000-square-foot landscaping project over the last 4 years? Easy. These reports are easily accessible through your mobile device.
  5. Mobile time tracking data can be easily uploaded to your accounting software. Save time by eliminating the tedious task of inputting info from each paper time card into your accounting software. You can also skip the process of double- and triple-checking your work for any mistakes.
  6. Employees know all of their work is accounted for. This includes overtime. When employees have access to their time sheets, they can see and approve any edits made by higher-ups. This allows workers to be sure they’re paid fairly for their work, improving employee trust and company culture.

Finally, A Simpler Way To Manage Payroll–Mobile Time Tracking With busybusy

We get it. You’re used to paper time cards, and implementing a new system can be challenging.  But adopting a powerful tool like busybusy will change the game for your entire company! Accurate mobile time tracking is the starting point to ensure your company’s longevity. The data provided by a mobile time tracking app is just what you need to make more profitable business decisions.