Reducing Labor Cost in the Construction Industry

Owners are always looking for ways to reduce labor costs in the construction industry. However, we have found that almost 70% of construction companies are still using outdated technology that leads to higher labor costs: paper time cards. A time tracking software is just what your company needs.

Paper time cards create several problems that lead to higher costs:

  • Extra Hours to Process Payroll. It takes countless hours to gather time cards from each job site, translate scribbled entries, and manually input the data into accounting software.
  • Reporting Errors. Paper time cards are riddled with human errors, either due to poor time tracking or mistakes made during data input on the payroll/accounting side.
  • Employee Disputes Over their Time Cards. If manual errors get made when reporting or inputting employee time sheets, employees may not get paid for the hours they worked. This error can lead to unhappy employees and disputes over their paycheck.
  • Payroll Overpayments. Timesheets are rarely filled out at the start and end of each shift. Many times, employees fill them out at the end of each week, trying their best to remember exactly when they started working. Unfortunately, this often leads to employees being paid for the unworked time.

With paper time cards, the end result is a time card full of mistakes and poor data, which drives up your labor costs.

Unfortunately, many construction business owners are still using paper time cards because it’s familiar. If your crew is still tracking their time on paper, you’re missing out on valuable data that could actually be making you more money.

One of the bests ways to reduce labor costs in the construction industry is to implement better time tracking.

As the old saying goes, “If you can’t measure it, you can’t improve it.” Labor is usually the largest, most variable cost in the construction industry. Tracking how your team spends its time provides insights for reducing labor costs and improving your bottom line.

For example, how often have you underestimated the amount of time needed to complete a project? Most likely, those underestimated hours end up cutting into your profit margin.

If you are one of the 70% still using paper time cards, now is the time to take advantage of current technology to accurately measure time. Using cell phones that your field crew already has, you can now collect accurate labor data. With this data, you can then better estimate job labor costs and submit more accurate proposals.

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busybusy Reduces Construction Labor Costs With Free Mobile Time Tracking

You can’t rely on a paper time card to accurately track labor, reduce payroll hours, and get the data needed to better estimate labor costs. The busybusy mobile time tracking app captures this data in a very simple, easy-to-us app that is available for both Android and Iphone users.

location map on busybusy, helpful for reducing labor cost mobile time clock and jobsite description You’ll have an accurate accounting of time spent on labor instead of estimates. Wouldn’t it be great to know how much time it took to perform each part of a project? The busybusy mobile time clock breaks down time tracking to measure even specific subprojects. If a job takes longer than originally planned, accurate time tracking can tell you which sub project took longer than you had estimated.

Save on costs associated with payroll. With paper time cards, payroll takes too long. Collecting paper time cards from different job sites, trying to read sloppy handwriting, and inputting data manually into accounting software takes hours of stressful work—each and every week. With a cloud-based mobile time tracking app, you will save administrators and managers time on payroll. They’ll be way less stressed. And, you will also eliminate human error on all sides of the equation.

With accurate time tracking software, you can make more accurate bids. You can use data collected from previous jobs to give you a clearer understanding of the amount of time and man-hours a project will take. Say you normally bid 45 hours for a certain type of job. Then, after accurately tracking your time, you learn this job averages closer to 55 hours to complete. You can adjust your bids so you’re actually profiting on this type of project.

Busybusy Is A Tool Loved By Both Employers and Their Employees

You’ll learn who your strongest employees are. Thanks to total transparency, the data provided by our app will make your most reliable and hardworking employees stand out. You can then leverage your best employees on costly projects and move them up the chain of command. On the flip-side, you will also be able to see if there are any crew members holding you back and make well-informed decisions to address any issues.

Employees love the trust busybusy creates between crew members and foremen.  Employees have access to their time sheets, including those that have been edited by an employer. They can be sure the employer has accurate records of time worked, including overtime, so they’re paid correctly. All their hard work is accounted for, and a GPS location stamp backs up their hours worked. Approved time off, personal days, and sick days are also all accounted for in the app.

busybusy provides a platform for reliable, hardworking employees to shine. Added features in the app help protect employees when job-related injuries come into play.

Reducing Labor Costs Can Be The Easier Way To Increase Your Profits

It’s a common misconception in the construction industry that more jobs equal more profit. In reality, it’s acquiring the right kind of jobs that leads to increased profits. Accurately tracking time gives you a better understanding of which jobs are making you money and which are not.

Download the free mobile time tracking software from busybusy to reduce labor costs today.