10 Construction Safety Equipment Essentials

Safety is not just a word; it’s a constant commitment. Given the many potential hazards on the job site, proper safety equipment is a must. This blog lists ten safety items every construction professional or contractor should have. Whether you’re an expert or new to the industry, keep you and your team safe by ensuring you’re equipped with the right protection gear.

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What does PPE stand for in Construction?

In the context of the construction industry, PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) includes a wide array of specialized equipment. Each type of PPE serves a specific function, be it mitigating the risk of head injuries, safeguarding the eyes, face, or respiratory system, or protecting against falls, noise, or adverse weather. 

Preventing Injuries and Fatalities

Construction is often ranked among the most dangerous industries. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, approximately 19.25% of all occupational injury fatalities are in construction. Properly using PPE can prevent many of these fatalities, be it by averting a fall, head injury from a falling object, or smoke inhalation from fires and more. Here we’ll list some of the most essential construction safety equipment and where to buy them. 

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Best Hard Hats

Crafted with pressure diffusion technology, the 3M SecureFit Hard Hat reduces pressure and increases comfort for all-day wear. It flexes and self-adjusts to the size of the wearer’s head and provides optimal comfort with 2 levels of height adjustment. This hard hat retails at around $18.55 and comes in various colors. Due to UV exposure, its 3M Uvicator sensor turns white when it’s time to replace the hat. 

3M hard hatWith a design based on input from hundreds of customers, the MSA V-Guard Safety Helmet is an excellent choice for industry workers worldwide. This MSA hard hat is designed with a “push-button” attachment rail and universal lighting clips for easy installation. Features also include non-contact foam liner and a built in rescue whistle in the chin buckle. This MSA hard hat retails for around $130 and comes in a variety of colors with a non-vented or tri-vent style. 

MSA Hard hat

Best Safety Glasses

With built-in ventilation channels for fog control, the Dewalt DPG82 Dual Mold Safety Goggle is a top pick for construction workers and contractors. It features a hard-coated and anti-fog lens and is adjustable with its elastic cloth head strap. This pair retails for around $12.24 and provides high-level protection from dust and debris. 

Dewalt safety gogglesCrafted for style and compliance, the MAGID Gemstone Y50 Safety Glasses have a combo lens for UV protection and comfort. The side shields protect against splashes and debris, while its polycarbonate lends are scratch-resistant and high impact. These glasses retail for around $25.39 and come in various color frames and lenses.

Magid safety glasses

Best High Visibility Clothing

SuNi Apparel provides high-vis clothing with ultimate comfort in mind. It features a convenient hood for protection against long work in the hot sun. These shirts retail for around $29.97 and come in a variety of colors of colors and sizes. 

SuNi high visibility clothing for construction

L&M is a top pick for its Hi Vis ANSI Class 3 Reflective T-Shirt that features sewn-on reflective stripping and polyester moisture-wicking fabric. These shirts retail at around $13.88 and come in safety lime and orange color.

l&m high visibility shirt for construction

Best Steel Toe Boots

Your feet carry you through the day’s work and need protection. Steel-toe boots guard against heavy objects and are essential for preventing injuries that can easily sideline you. Check out our blog that highlights the best work boots for construction workers. 

Best Ear Protection

Pro For Sho’s Maximum Safety Ear Muffs are industrial-grade to protect your ears during any loud event. Its 34dB protection silences your world “In a snap.” These glasses retail for around $21.35 and come in a variety of color choices.

proforsho safety protection ear muffs

With compact folding and lightweight design, Radians’ Dewalt DPG62-C Safety Earmuff offers excellent noise reduction with a rating of 29. This pair retails for around $21.99 and provides maximum comfort with cushion padding and unmatched performance. 

dewalt ear protection for construction

Best Construction Mask

Compatible for painting, sanding, machining, and general industry, the 3M Half Facepiece Reusable Respirator is tested and government-approved. This construction mask features 3M quality filtration and a lightweight facepiece. It is durable, reusable, and retails for around $21.32. This mask can be used alongside other PPE with the adjustment of its straps. 

3M safety respirator for constructionAs an online popular pick, the RBLCXG Reusable Respirator comes with a half-face cover, safety goggles, and filter accessories. This mask provides double filtration protection, obstructing 90% of irritants in the air. This bundle retails around $29.99 and features comfortable straps for various uses, from construction to DIY.

construction safety equipment respirator

Best Fall Protection Equipment

As an Amazon Best Seller, the Glorouschu Full Body Safety Harness is OSHA-compliant and made with 100% premium synthetic polyester. This harness retails for around $38.80 and features a breaking strength of 5070 lbs and a tension force of 20KN. It has an extra-wide waist belt that minimizes muscle fatigue and includes a shock-absorbing safety lanyard. 

construction fall protection harness, fall safety

The Trsmima Full Body Safety Harness is durable, lightweight and comfortable with its comfortable padding and breathable mesh pads. It is OSHA-compliant and features as many as four adjustment points. This fall protection gear retails for around $59.99 and includes a shock-absorbing lanyard. 

trsmima safety fall harness

Best Hand Protection

Made for All-Purpose performance, the Ironclad Utility Work Gloves retail for around $22.42. This hand protection features thermoplastic rubber knuckles for impact and abrasion protection. It also has terry cloth sweat management and sizes ranging from X-Small to 2X-Large.

ironclad gloves for constructionVersatile for power tools, construction, and tactical or DIY work, VGO Heavy Duty Synthetic Leather Work Gloves are perfect for job site use. These gloves provide impact protection and vibration reduction and retail for around $62.98. They are touchscreen-compatible and machine washable for easy maintenance.

VGO durable construction gloves

Best Construction First Aid Kit

Having a comprehensive first aid kit on-site is crucial in the event of an injury. It provides immediate access to basic medical supplies that can significantly affect the outcome of injuries until professional medical help arrives. First Aid Only 298 Piece Kit is an Amazon Best Seller and retails for around $20.58. It is compact in size and perfect for travel and storage. It includes fabric and plastic bandages, antibiotic ointments, antiseptic towelettes, burn cream, aspirin, ibuprofen, gauze, wound closures, and a cold pack. 

first aid kit for constructionWith a portable and durable design, the VRIEXSD 400 Piece First Aid Kit is a must-have. This kit weighs only 2.64 pounds and can be hung on a backpack or stored in your car, truck, or van for emergencies. It features the same items as above, including the additional tourniquet, emergency blanket, first aid guide, etc. This kit retails for around $59.95.

first aid bag for construction

If you or your job site want additional safety, the Ultimate Scherber First Responder EMT/EMS Trauma Kit is a wise pick. This pack contains over 200+ supplies and is HSA/FSA approved. It includes a durable polyester bag designed for years of wear and tear. It has 8 compartments and a comfortable shoulder strap. This first aid kit retails for around $139.99.

mega first aid construction kit

Best Fire Extinguisher & Equipment

As an Amazon Popular Pick, the Kidde Fire Extinguisher retails for around $36.99 with an included mounting bracket. This item will fight basic fires involving trash, wood, paper, flammable liquids, gases, and electrical equipment (Classes A, B & C). It has an easy-to-read gauge and is both rust and impact-resistant. 

kidde fire extinguisher

Mounting an extinguisher at a job site is not always possible and provides poor accessibility. However, the FireMate Portable and Stackable Stand is the perfect solution. This fire extinguisher stand is designed to house 5, 10, and 20lb extinguishers and can handle harsh environments. It retails for around $96.10 and does not include the extinguisher. 

firemate fire extinguisher stand for jobsites and construction sites

The PEK Fire Extinguisher Cover is a fantastic accessory for providing high visibility. This item retails for around $22.35 and fits large 10-20lb extinguishers. It features a clear window and comes in fluorescent orange. 

fire extinguisher cover