Improving Communication in Construction Projects

Lack of Communication in Construction

In construction, effective communication can keep projects on schedule and within budget. Communication is involving multiple employees trying to achieve a common goal. Maintaining a strong chain of communication in construction can be difficult with crew members in the field and in the office. Construction projects are becoming more complex and lack technological adoption, creating the needs for improvements in construction communication.

According to a recent report by PlanGrid and FMI, miscommunication and poor data in construction are costing the U.S Construction Industry $177 billions yearly. Contractors are wasting money on labor costs by searching for jobsite data, reworking tasks, and conflict resolution, which contributes to 14 hours lost per week. To help avoid miscommunication, here are a few tips to help you effectively improve communication on your next construction project.

Establish a communication of command

On the jobsite there are multiple employees working on different tasks to complete the project. Some tasks may require approval in order to continue. The owner needs to communicate with the contractor, the contractor needs to communicate with the subcontractor, and so on. Establishing a clear line of communication can help clear up any confusion and moves the project progress forward.

Be clear & concise

The construction industry is facing a labor shortage with the difficulties of attracting and retaining skilled workers. Avoid difficult, technical terms for employees who aren’t experienced in this industry. Using Layman’s term can help. A simple task can redirect itself into chaos that needs reworking due to mistakes and misunderstanding. Time is money, don’t let complex terms put you at risk of spending more money on labor costs.

Diligently Listen & Ask Questions

Be sure to listen actively and absorb the information being given to you. Ask questions if there is any misunderstanding about the project progress and summarize back the information. As mention before, construction projects involve multiple people, information can be lost or misunderstood at any given stage. 

Get them the right tech tools

According to Equipment World, contractors are comfortable with mobile technology on the jobsite as contractors main form of communication is through mobile texting. Providing your employees with the latest software can efficiently transfer project data to keep everyone in the loop. 

Effective construction communication is key to completing goals. Face-to-face conversation is an effective method of communication, but busy schedules can hinder that. Don’t be blind to what’s going on the jobsite, let busybusy help. busybusy time tracking app increases jobsite visibility allowing contractors to know where their employees are and what project they are working on. Free app download. Schedule a free demo today!