The Secret To Getting Through Payroll Quickly and Accurately? No More Paper Time Cards

Payroll is stressful. Every mistake costs money, so you double- and triple-check your records before hitting send. With recent digital advances, though, does it really have to be so hard?

When you unleash the power of mobile time tracking solutions like busybusy™, a free app made just for the construction industry, the answer is no. The way to simplify payroll (and lower your blood pressure) is to get rid of paper time cards and go mobile instead.

Payroll Stress Associated With Paper Time Cards Goes Away With A Mobile Time Tracking Solution

When payroll takes three hours every Friday, you’re doing something wrong. There are so many tools at your disposal to make life and business simpler. A mobile time tracking app is one of them.

A tool like the busybusy™ app drastically cuts down the time it takes to complete payroll.

With automated time tracking, there’s no need for tedious data input. That’s reason enough to ditch paper time cards!

Processing your payroll through a mobile time tracking app also saves immeasurable stress. Nothing gives your accounting team a headache faster than being forced to make guesses, scramble for missing information and hope for the best. A mobile time tracking solution can make the once-dreaded task of payroll a breeze!

Payroll Stress InducerChasing down employees for their signed time cards…
The busybusy™ SolutionEmployees track their time with their mobile phone. At the end of the week, they can review and sign their time card inside the app. The data is stored in the cloud, where your payroll team can instantly access it. Forget carrying stacks of time cards to and from job sites!
Payroll Stress InducerManually inputting timesheet data into your accounting software…
The busybusy™ SolutionWhen timestamps are digital, it takes just a few clicks to transfer time sheet info to your accounting software. The busybusy™ app integrates with popular accounting software used by construction companies. Rest easy knowing no mistakes were made between reading sloppy handwriting and typing the wrong keys.
Payroll Stress InducerLabor disputes over inaccurate record keeping…
The busybusy™ SolutionMobile time tracking makes timesheet info completely transparent. The busybusy™ app gives employees access to their timesheets any time. View current and past info, review edits to entries made by management, and know what sized paycheck is coming your way.
Payroll Stress InducerStoring time cards for tax law compliance…
The busybusy™ SolutionThe federal Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) act requires employees to store payroll information for 3 years. You also have to be able to provide this information to the Department of Labor (DOL) within 72 hours, if requested. This leaves a good chunk of your office space dedicated to file cabinets filled with documents you’ll hopefully never need. With busybusy™ you can access every record you’ve created, anywhere you can log onto the internet.

Do Away With Paper Time Cards

Tech is finally paying attention to the construction industry and creating tools to boost your profitability. Time tracking apps like busybusy™ are at the forefront of this innovation. It’s time for your company to evolve, too, by putting paper time cards to rest.

Adopting the busybusy™ mobile time tracking app will make a dramatic improvement in your payroll processing. Your team in the office and your crew in the field will all benefit from the death of the paper time card. Try the free mobile time tracking app from busybusy™ and eliminate payroll stress today.