Managing Construction Payroll And Labor Costs

Whether it’s a small business or a large company, the people who process payroll are everyone’s friends — until there’s a mistake on a paycheck. That’s when the grumbling starts and patience wears thin.

Beyond the normal nightmares of processing, when office managers experience an unhappy employee, there is frequently no solution or apology that’s good enough — except for an instant check or deposit that can be difficult to produce — to restore the usual payday joy. Payroll should be simple, accurate, and efficient.

When employees forget to clock in or out, are too busy to enter details like breaks or mileage, or are often in transit from one jobsite to another where the pay may be different, the responsibility to correct their errors falls on unsuspecting office managers. If not caught in time, one small error can be a big headache when payday arrives and the deposit or check is wrong.

The Payroll Mess

Processing payroll is a job that anyone rarely enjoys. Time-consuming and frustrating, this is a job that no one envies because of the various and duplicitous steps:

  • collecting time cards from employees
  • reviewing hand-written or ink-smeared and stamped time cards
  • deciphering numbers, time, and notes
  • calculating hours and minutes to decimals
  • manually entering data in a spreadsheet or database

Even after each meticulous check and recheck of data, employee hours may not be completely accurate because of the nature of human error. A single transposed number or misread hour on a timecard can be compounded by subsequent calculations that lead to an irate reaction on payday.

A single error is preventable, but catching it is not always possible. All it takes is one distraction when entering data and the whole process is off. That explains the “DO NOT DISTURB” signs on office doors across the country.

The truth is, usually errors are nobody’s fault in particular.

Give Employees the Power of Accurate Payroll

Whether it’s a forgotten entry or a hastily scribbled timecard, the little things that contribute to errors can be eliminated by empowering employees. Accurate and reliable payroll records begin at the source: with each individual worker.

Eliminating errors and improving areas of cost accounting and labor tracking are possible when every employee in the company is part of the process. In addition to giving employees responsibility for their own pay, company-wide contribution and data generation leads to increased performance, stronger operational budgeting, and across the board benefits.

The solution to outdated and time-consuming manual entry comes from busybusy – an interactive labor-tracking app that every construction employee can use.

Make Payroll a Collaborative Effort

The busybusy app captures, organizes, and stores all the data necessary for accurate and reliable employee payroll, job accounting, and budgeting needs. The user-friendly app is available to every employee in the company. With a tap of a button on a smartphone, employees can log in, change worksites, and keep track of their hours.

Converting payroll from solely an office manager’s job to a company-wide effort eases the stress and burdens of weekly payroll processing. It gives every employee and manager a renewed appreciation for the collaborative effort that builds businesses and leads to success.

Control Payroll — Don’t Let it Control Your Business

The busybusy app is the perfect solution to every business’s payroll and job cost needs — especially for those companies on the go with frequently changing work locations. The app captures and delivers payroll data without the old hassles of manual data entry and errors.

It’s time to stop payroll from consuming your business’s budget and morale. Rely on the easy-to-use app that does it all and tames the wildest payroll monsters.