Is My Timekeeping App Using a lot of Data?

When choosing an app, do you consider how much data the app uses on a monthly basis? When choosing a restaurant, do you only look for all-you-can-eat? That is crazy – most good restaurants limit the serving size and focus on quality food. Why would you return to a restaurant if the food is terrible? Likewise, your data limit will effectively weed out the junk apps. You won’t continue to use an app if it is not worth part of your monthly data plan.

Data limits are a real issue. Phone carriers compete for consumers not only on price but the amount of available data. Carriers know that the amount of data we consume will continue to grow. How much we choose to consume, and how we consume it, is up to us. Given the richness and availability of media today, it is easy to lose track and go over the contracted amount. Careful budgeting and monitoring are essential if we want to avoid spending too much.

Tracking time is an essential element of a modern business. Employers require their employees to track time, and the mobile phone makes recording time and activity convenient and easy. When employees use their personal phone for work, the line between personal and professional becomes cloudy. Employees don’t wish to use their data plan for work purposes. Therefore work-related timekeeping apps need to be very conservative on the amount of data they use.

How much data is being used?

Your mobile phone is always using data, and when you’re not on WiFi, or you are out of range of Wifi, your phone will use your data plan. You should occasionally check to see how much data is being used. You want to know if you are getting close to your limit before you reach it. There is nothing worse than an unexpected overage charge on your monthly cellular bill.

busybusy data usage infographic

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