Don’t Let Weather Rain on Your Payroll

Every day across America, millions of men and women report for work to some place besides a traditional office. Job site work is a growing way of life that is full of benefits and new-found security. Large construction firms and reputable small contractors alike are discovering new challenges when managing their field labor.

Working in Bad Weather

For some, working in inclement weather is a choice, and for others it is merely part of the outdoor nature of their work. In either instance, ignoring rain, snow, and stormy days means reporting for work no matter what the conditions. For payroll managers trying to keep track of who is working where and when — not having to worry about weather conditions and payroll is one less headache.

From framing to landscaping projects, some workers may show up in the rain because their work still has to get done. Other workers on the same site may take the day off because of the nature of their assignment. In each case, relying on technology to keep track of hours makes payroll easier.

Individual Time Tracking

Every worker on a job site contributes a unique skill to the project. Not everyone always works the same hours, or at the same time. Across the board uniformity in payroll numbers and data entry are rare conveniences for payroll managers responsible for keeping track of everyone.

The busybusy payroll app lets each worker clock in and out based on their assignment or contribution to a project without causing a ripple in the payroll process. When not everyone works Monday to Friday from 9-5 (with a 30-minute lunch), payroll can be a tangled web of numbers, random data entry, and opportunities for mistakes. Individualized tracking leads to greater accuracy on payday.

With individual data entry and time tracking assigned to each employee, it doesn’t matter who works on which day, or in what weather. Weekly hours are easy to track, see, and calculate.

Only Half the Crew Showed Up

When the weather turns and half the crew goes home, there is no need to worry about changing individual payroll numbers. As workers leave because of inclement weather, they clock out from their own interface on a smart phone — ensuring that numbers are transmitted and stored instantaneously.

Likewise, when only key members of a site crew arrive for work because of the weather, it is easy for payroll managers to note the change in payroll. With essential crews clocking in and out as they arrive or are needed, it eliminates the need for payroll processors to track down everyone who may have been scheduled to work on a particular day to find out where they were.

With busybusy time tracking, sudden changes in work, assignments, or other anomalies in the schedule are addressed quickly and efficiently.

Eliminate ‘Babysitter’ Payroll

When everyone is involved in the payroll process through interactive data entry, it eliminates the need for old-fashioned babysitter management. Try the busybusy app today and see who is working where – no matter what the weather on site may be.