A Time Tracking App your Employees LOVE

Some of our customers have talked to us about how their employees struggle with transitioning from paper time cards to using a digital time tracking system. We know there are a lot of benefits to using busybusy and we believe there are many advantages for employees too. In this week’s blog post, we want to talk about the top 5 reasons your employees are going to love using busybusy’s employee time tracking app.

Mobile Time Tracking is Quick and Efficient

If you have employees that perform their work on the go, then they will love this feature. An employee time tracking app, like busybusy, works on most smartphones. Meaning your employees can pull out their phone and clock in and out right on the job site.

Peace of Mind About Timecard Accuracy

It’s never fun to think you’re going to get paid for 40 hours last week, only to find out you are getting paid for 36 hours. Employees enjoy the ability to see their time cards in real time and see a GPS stamp of where they worked.

No More Paperwork

As more and more things become digital, it’s no surprise that time cards and business paperwork are digital as well. Moving to digital time cards means no more holding onto a piece of paper for your pay period, and you’ll never lose your time card when payroll comes around.

Analyze Work Performance

Having all of your time card data in a digital format, allows you to analyze your work patterns and improve on them. You can see when you typically show up to work every day and when you leave. You can make sure you’re getting enough hours in and monitor your overtime hours.

Excellent Customer Service

At busybusy, we understand that it can be difficult to move from using paper time cards to a digital employee time tracking system. When you use the busybusy system to track your employees time, you’ll have a dedicated customer service support representative. Anytime you need help, use your busybusy app to chat with Customer Support in the “Help” section, or give them a call.