How Daily Log Software Takes Your Business to the Next Level

A lot can happen, even on a typical day at the job site. Tracking everything that happens on those “not so typical” days and logging it in your construction daily report can be especially challenging. Time tracking features are designed to ensure everything runs smoothly when using construction daily log software!

Using a construction time tracking app or a daily log software can make all the difference, but only if you know how to use the tools and features it offers you. These features aren’t difficult to understand or implement. But sometimes, it takes knowing the value of a feature such as GPS tracking, construction scheduling, or even basic time tracking software to motivate you to research how to create an accurate construction “daily report” that will be filled out correctly.

You need a detailed view of everything from job costing data, job site photos, and equipment on-site to the total number of hours worked at the job site and who was there.

So here we take a look at the features a construction time tracking system can offer and how it can be used to create daily logs much more quickly and with far more accuracy.

Quick and Easy Documentation for Your Construction Daily Report

Good construction time tracking software is an easy way to log hours worked for daily reports. However, if it’s really good, the time clock app will typically include features that let you also log other important details about your job’s progress. This includes giving anybody on your job site access to the app the ability to make notes and take photos, which can be included in your project summaries on your construction daily report.

One of the great benefits of this? The more information you have about the work done and when it was done, the better your chances are of avoiding costly mistakes and even lawsuits if a conflict arises.  Managing your liability with photos shows site work was done correctly, which saves you when you get caught in the blame game with other subs or if there’s a lawsuit years from now.

If you aren’t currently documenting your job site work each day with time-stamped & GPS-stamped photos, you should be. As an added bonus, you can also use the project photos you grab for your business’s portfolio or use them on social media.

Construction Time Tracking Accuracy

Labor hours matter more than you think.  The largest variable cost on almost any job site is labor.  It’s where you can make and lose the most, so track it and track it well!

It’s such a critical piece to telling the story of what happened each day that it needs to be in your construction daily report. But if you’re still using old timekeeping methods, like paper timesheets, it’s hard to tell whether the time your employee clocked in – or said they clocked in – is accurate.

outside project area notification

Being able to track construction time and log it in your construction daily report also allows you to break down where your employees were every day and to know what they were working on.  This makes it especially easy for the foreman to catch a mistake before it’s too late.

In addition to being useful for construction scheduling and overall project management, this can be critical when you get to your final evaluation and ensuring that spent time matches up with your project estimated time just got calculated for you.

“Winners want to be tracked and measured” – Tom Reber, The Contractor Fight

How Your App Can Help With GPS Fleet Tracking and More

equipment daily log software

While typically, people think of how a construction time tracking app helps manage people on the job site, an app like busybusy can also help a contractor manage equipment location and equipment usage. And that’s obviously important because let’s face it, equipment is expensive, whether renting it, paying for vehicle tracking, or reaching into your pocket for fuel money.

An app can help in many ways with features, including GPS fleet tracking that shows where equipment is on the job site, who is using it and how long it’s been in use. GPS fleet tracking devices can even give you information about who used the equipment last and how long they were clocked in while the equipment was in use, all of which can be included in your daily report.  Imagine getting all that without paying extra for separate fleet telematics costs.

Noting Safety Information on Your Construction Daily Report

It’s always better to be safe than sorry.  When using construction time tracking software like busybusy, you have the ability to easily document any injuries individuals may have had on the job site. It’s a simple way to note any issues that may arise, reducing liability and making sure supervisors can digitally document any issues, and further helping prevent the possibility of undocumented injuries causing a lawsuit later.

Signing Off On Your Construction Daily Report

One final thing a construction time tracking app like busybusy offers – it vastly improves the process of filling out, looking over, approving, and signing off on a construction daily report at the end of the day. You and your guys are already tracking all the info in one place, so the app fills out everything for you. Then you can review it and sign off on it digitally, giving you more time for other important tasks like ensuring your current project is on schedule or creating your next project plan.

If you’d like to learn more about how busybusy can help you with time tracking, your daily report, and its numerous other features, schedule a busybusy app demo today. busybusy makes time tracking easier for your team and is compatible with all devices. Download the busybusy app in the app store and on google play.