Meet Our Team

Customer Support

Our customer support team is your go-to source for help. They are available via email or live chat to help you with anything busybusy. They are, literally, a living, breathing version of wikipedia.

Jairo C.

Happiness Officer

Jairo grew up in San Diego, California. He then started working as a carpenter for a concrete company all over the US. He is passionate about music and listening to how others achieve their goals. Jairo enjoys reading and spending time with his family. He loves to play with his adorable baby girl. He also likes to spend his free time playing the harmonica.

Manny A.

Happiness Officer

Requel L.

Onboarding Specialist

Requel grew up in Idaho Falls and attended Utah Valley University. She loves being able to work for home in our support team. She is passionate about her three beautiful children and husband. They are her life! When she can escape she loves to go to the movies. Requel enjoys outdoor activities with her family as long as she doesn’t have to sleep outdoors. So, no company camping trips for Requel!

Troy G.

Onboarding Specialist

Troy grew up in Salt Lake City, Utah where he attended the University of Utah and studied civil engineering. “GO UTES”! With over 15 years of experience as Commercial Masonry Contractor, Troy is passionate about the construction industry and wants to help improve companies by helping them to create a culture that rewards innovation and accountability. He enjoys spending time with his family hiking, fishing and watching & coaching baseball. Troy enjoys volunteering for his church in his free time.

Zoë H.

Happiness Officer

Zoë is from the NorthEastern parts of the great state of Utah. She is currently attending Dixie State University. She is passionate about arts and new technology. She loves anything and everything that gets her creative mind working! Zoë enjoys camping, swimming and road trips. She likes spending time with her family, friends and two adorable puppies. Her cheerful voice will light up anyone’s day, just call her and see!

Sales Team

These paragons of friendliness help connect new users with busybusy and can be spotted occasionally in their native habitat, convention centers.

Andrew B.

Business Development Rep

Andrew grew up in the Houston Area. He worked for a Concrete Sawing and Drilling company for a while. He attended BYU and studied Entrepreneurship. Andrew enjoys spending time with my wife, hiking, boxing, reading, hunting and studying military history.

Aubrey B.

Sales Development Rep

Aubrey was born in Northern Utah and raised in San Diego, California. She attended Utah Valley University and San Diego Miramar College for her degree in Communications. Aubrey enjoys public speaking and writing. She likes to exploring St. George and staying active with her German Shepherd puppy. Aubrey escapes back to San Diego any chance she gets. Can you blame her?!

Brett L.

Inside Sales Manager

Doug B.

Sales Development Rep

Doug was born and raised in Sunny San Diego, California. He attended Menlo College for his Business Management degree. He enjoys working closely with his San Diego customers. Being that he is from the “Craft Brewery Capital of America” he is our craft beer aficionado. Doug also loves reading, hiking and the beach. He is a big football fan and played in high school and college. He watches any and all football, which is why we don’t let him play in our company fantasy team!

Gordon T.

Account Executive

Remington R.

Channel Partner Development

Remington’s moto is “work hard, love life and laugh a lot!” He is a Utah native and is a ready for anything, honest, ethical and sociable professional with an academic background in communication. He has 10+ years in Tech Sales (Hardware and Software) and Channel Management. Having helped run a landscaping company with his father, he can appreciate the value of tech in construction. When he’s not working he’s busy enjoying life with his beautiful wife and 5 amazing kids.

Tommy W.

Account Executive

Tommy was born in Las Vegas but moved a couple of times from there to St. George and then another small town in Nevada called Alamo. His father owned an excavation company in Las Vegas for 30 years so Tommy has ran heavy equipment and spent time on job sites since he could walk. He studied accounting at the College of Southern Nevada. Tommy fell in love with sales right after high school so when he found busybusy it was the best of both worlds. He enjoys hanging out with his awesome wife and crazy dog and his hobbies include off-roading, hunting, and learning.

Engineering Team

By far the most diverse members of the busybusy team, they are constantly at work improving and expanding busybusy features.

Brad C.

Engineering Director

Brad was born and raised in Southern Utah. He spent a few years traveling Australia. He attended Brigham Young University where he received his degree in computer science. Brad loves hanging out with his family and building successful companies from great ideas. When he is able to get some free time Brad likes to be outdoors hiking and camping. He also enjoys photography and riding motorcycles.

Bradyn P.

Web Services

Bradyn was born and raised in Southern Utah. He graduated from Dixie State University’s Computer Science program. He began his software path in 5th grade with web development and received his first programming job in the 10th grade. Bradyn attended FBLA Nationals presenting Website Design after placing 1st at the Utah State Competition. When he’s not being our website genius he likes to play volleyball, go bowling, and play Black Ops II. He has a deep passion for both family and software.

Cruz O.

Android Engineer

Cruz grew up in Saint George, Utah. When he started at Dixie State University, he was studying to become a doctor when an opportunity presented itself to play professional video games. After professional video games, he decided to return to Dixie State University to study computer science. He enjoys spending time with his family.

Dave T.

Web Services

Dave was born in Monticello, and raised in Price, Utah. He graduated initially from the College of Eastern Utah with a degree in Graphic Arts. Dave worked as a Technical Support Technician, Network Engineer, and Software Developer. After many years of this he went back and got his Bachelor’s Degree in Information Technology w/ emphasis on Software Development. On his off time he enjoys spending time with his family, playing golf tournaments, boating, and following the UFC.

Donald T.

iOS Engineer

Donald grew up in Colorado City, Arizona and attended the Mohave Community College. He received his degree in Computer Science. He is passionate about studying and understanding the universe we live in. He teaches physics and the Centennial Park Academy. Donald is interested in computer science, physics, mathematics and philosophy. He likes to read and his favorite book is “The Apology” by Plato. He also enjoys volleyball, football and hiking.

Donna R.

Quality Assurance Lead

Donna was born and raised in California and came to southern Utah after a number of years in the grey and damp Pacific Northwest. Moving here, she learned just how much she loves the desert and the sunny warmth. When not doing her best to catch and report software bugs in all of our applications, she can be found outside running, walking, or hiking.

Drew C.

Web Services Lead

Drew grew up in Hacienda Heights, California before moving to St. George. He attended Dixie State University and received a degree in Information Technology. Drew is very passionate about busybusy and his family. He believes that he helps take the pain out of time dilation and stops heads from exploding one app download at a time. Drew loves hanging out with his wonderful family and working on his house. He enjoys programming, swimming water polo and paintballing.

Erik B.

Web Services

Erik grew up in sunny St. George, Utah. He attended Dixie State University and received his degree in Computer Information Technology with an emphasis in Web. Erik loves to find ways to make processes work better and develop solutions that work smoothly and are elegant. He considers himself a technophile! Erik loves being on the lake and would live there if he could. He also loves pizza!

Gavin R.

Web Services

Gavin was born here in St. George, Utah. He spent two years on a LDS mission in the Czech Republic before attending Dixie State University. At DSU he graduated with his Computer Information Technology Degree with an emphasis in Computer science. His love of programing began with a high school course and he knew that is what he wanted to do for the rest of his life. His favorite is back end programming and getting into the nitty gritty of computer science. Gavin enjoys spending time with his wife and twin boys playing racquetball, pickleball and basketball.

Jason M.

Chief Technical Officer

Jason R.

Web App Developer

Jason grew up in Northern Utah and attended Dixie State on a Presidential Scholarship for Visual Technologies. He has been developing websites for 16 years now, and there is nothing he would rather be doing. Jason is passionate about leveraging technology to build in new and interesting ways. He enjoys playing way too many video games and finding projects where he can experiment with new techniques.

Jim B.

System Architect

Jim grew up in the Bay Area, California and attended Weber State College. He is passionate about his family, bringing visions to reality, and designing and coding software. Jim is involved in tech with the universities helping to promote startups. He also sits on advisory boards locally, at the University and for the State of Utah. On the weekend you can find him fishing, camping or hiking. Jim also loves spending any free time with his wife and kids.

John H.

Android Engineer

John is from a small town in Arizona. He completed his degree from Arizona State and has been working as an engineer for six years. He is passionate about good software and his family. He likes to spend any free time with his wife and kids. They enjoy puzzle games and writing his own apps. He loves to watch ice hockey and football games.

Keith A.

Web App Developer

Keith grew up in Los Angeles and has been interested in web design since he was a teenager. He started building websites at the age is 14, and years later was able to turn his hobby into a career. Keith was fed up with freelance, and we knew he would be a perfect fit at busybusy. He is constantly learning new web programing languages and checking out the latest tech gadgets. When he’s not in the office he likes to hang with his family, play the guitar and watch hockey!

Kraig W.

iOS Engineer

Kraig grew up in Salt Lake City, Utah and later moved to St. George. He graduated from Dixie State University with a degree in Computer Information Technology. He is passionate about programing and his family. Kraig loves coding, creating things and teaching. He has been an adjunct instructor of Computer Science at DSU. He believes anytime you’re on either side of learning it’s a great place to be. He loves to spend most of his time with his family playing video games, traveling and pretty much anything outdoors. Kraig is a big Utah Jazz fan.

Li K.


Li was raised in the potato state also known as Idaho. He graduated from Brigham Young University Hawaii with a bachelor of art in Psychology with an emphasis in visual design. He loves the idea of making something that creates a genuine response of joy. Li met his wife when he was in Hawaii and they now have three adorable children. He likes shooting hoops, hot dates with his beautiful wife and playing legos with his kids.

Mathew B.

Quality Assurance

Mathew is currently going to college for my bachelors in computer science. If he wasn’t so busy with school and work, he would like to mountain bike.


iOS Engineer

PJ is from Price, Utah. He received a Bachelor Degree in Computer Science from Weber State University. He has been doing iOS development for about five years.

Rick J.

Design Lead

Rick grew up in Southern Utah. He worked in the construction industry for 13 years before deciding to change careers. Rick attended Dixie State University and received his degree in Visual Technologies. He originally planned on being an illustrator but after taking a web development class at the university he decided to change to web and mobile development. He is passionate about his family and loves spending time with them outdoors. Rick enjoys computer programing, drawing and eating Mexican food.

Sean S.

Web App Lead

Sean has spent most of his life in St. George, worked in the sales and construction industry. He later attended Dixie State University for his Computer Science Degree. Sean loves all the benefits of living in Southern Utah including rock climbing, biking, golfing. Every chance he’s not in front of his computer he is out exploring this giant red rock we call home!

Simon B.

Android Team Lead

Eh, Simon’s from Canada! He received his bachelor degree in computer science from Southern Utah University. Simon is passionate about elevating others and helping them grow and improve. He enjoys playing guitar and playing with his adorable daughter. He loves maple syrup, so don’t try and mess with his maple doughnuts!

Vero G.

Web Services

Vero grew up in the South of France. After high school she moved to the United States as an ‘au pair’. Vero attended Dixie State University here in Southern Utah before starting with busybusy. She loves spending time with her two boys going to the movies and making cupcakes. Vero enjoys hiking, cooking and practicing yoga. She also loves visiting France every year with her boys.

Product Team

Keeping a pulse on the construction industry, while listening to our customer’s needs for future product development.

Blaine S.


Blaine was born in the Pacific Northwest and later moved to Utah. He graduated from Dixie State University with a degree in Computer information Technology. Blaine’s passion is in creating systems and tools that solve everyday problems. He enjoys researching archaeological discoveries, ancient languages, customs and cultures. He loves to spend time with his six kids and wife aka his favorite people in the whole world! We thought we were his favorite people…

Charles H.

Product Manager

Charles is from Cedar City, Utah. He attended Southern Utah University and received his degree in computer science. Charles is passionate about creating good user experience. He strongly believes in progress through technology, processes and empathy. In his free time, he enjoys playing video games and following tournaments and players. Charles also likes to spend time with his dog.

Marketing Team

The black wizards of lead generation they’re also responsible for some of the most creative and most humble web page content ever written.

Heather B.

Tradeshow Coordinator

Herbert T.


Herbert is from Southern Utah and attended Salt Lake Community College. He enjoys working with and assisting customers support to teach and help them. Herbert likes to spend time with his family. He loves hanging out with his kids, going on family vacations and barbecuing. Herbert enjoys college football, especially the Utah Utes!

Jordan C.

Digital Marketing Specialist

Jordan is from Cedar City, Utah. He is a BYU graduate with a degree in Public Relations and a minor in Global Business. He has worked with both digital marketing agencies and tech companies in house. Jordan loves to read books about smart people and smart things. You will also find him in his free time playing with his dog, Obi Wan, or playing his Nintendo Switch.

Katy S.


Katy grew up right here in St. George, Utah. She graduated from Dixie State University with her degree in Computer Information Technologies with a Web Design and Development emphasis. Katy started with us as an intern in college and is now with us full-time. She loves to read, watch movies, be outdoors and travel. Katy is a certified yoga instructor, so we are just waiting for her in-office yoga classes to begin!

Taylor V.

Director of Demand Generation

Being an army ‘brat’, Taylor grew up in various places around the world and finally settled in Northern Utah. He graduated from UVU with a Bachelors Degree in Digital Media and earned a Masters Degree in Internet Marketing from Full Sail University in Florida. Taylor has 10 years of experience strategizing and executing innovative marketing campaigns that drive action, leads, and sales. He is also obsessed with Star Wars.


The scientists behind the madness, our office team keeps everyone pointed in the same direction in other words, they are the Mensa level geniuses who have managed to herd cats.

Anne P.

Sales and Marketing Admin

Anne was born and raised in southern Colorado and moved to Southern Utah in 2014 when she married her amazing husband! She graduated from Adam’s State University, in Colorado, with a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration. Over the years, she has owned / managed 3 businesses. In her spare time, she likes to camp, fish, garden, repurpose furniture and spend time with her husband who travels a lot for his job. She have two grown daughters and 4 granddaughters that all live in Colorado who she misses very much!

Brigham T.

VP, Product Development

Brigham is from Northern Arizona. He attended the University of Utah for a degree in Mechanical Engineering. Brigham is passionate about bringing processes into statistical control and optimizing their output. He enjoys generating a positive change in himself and in others. Brigham is into robotics, automation, alternative energy systems and modern architecture. He likes to mountain bike, hike and run. He also loves to play golf and racquetball.

Derrik S.

VP, Sales

Isaac B.

Chief Executive Officer

Isaac is originally from Northern Utah. He has over 18 years experience in Construction Management. Isaac has spent 6 years in the technology industry developing busybusy. His passion for systems and processes fueled his entrepreneurial drive. He saw the need to help with the primary responsibilities business owners face through technology and systemization. He is actively engaged in educating the industry, and has been a featured speaker at many events on the value of adopting culture and technology in the construction industry.

Israel B.

Chief Strategy Officer

Israel grew up in Sandy, Utah. He now lives in San Diego with his family. Israel has 10 years experience in the construction industry and owned his own landscaping business at 20. Later he transitioned to sales and worked there for 17 years. Israel has spent 5 years in the technology industry with busybusy. He is passionate about helping people grow their business and improve their lives. He absolutely loves to watch and help people succeed. Israel still enjoys buying and selling cars. He also loves to hangout with his wife and kids.

James J.

VP, Marketing

Marleen B.

Human Resources

Shauna J.

Office Manager