Meet Our Team

Client Support & Success Team

Our support team is your go-to source for help. They are available via email or live chat to help you with anything busybusy. They are, literally, a living, breathing version of wikipedia.

Christi F.

Director of Client Success

Ezra H.

Onboarding Specialist

Gordon T.

Senior Onboarding & Integration Specialist

Halie V.

Onboarding Specialist

Jairo C.

Onboarding Specialist

Jairo grew up in San Diego, California. He then started working as a carpenter for a concrete company all over the US. He is passionate about music and listening to how others achieve their goals. Jairo enjoys reading and spending time with his family. He loves to play with his adorable baby girl. He also likes to spend his free time playing the harmonica.

busybusy employee dedicated to providing a quick and sustainable method to track time and equipment

Manny A.

Integration Specialist

Sales Team

These paragons of friendliness help connect new users with busybusy and can be spotted occasionally in their native habitat, convention centers.

Chance E.

Sales Development Rep

Corey M.

Business Development Rep

senior account executive at busybusy wearing black polo and glasses with facial hair

Dustin C.

Senior Account Executive

Kyle S.

Director of Sales Development

Mike T.

Sales Development Rep

busybusy employee dedicated to providing a quick and sustainable method to track time and equipment

Requel L.

Sales Development Rep

Requel grew up in Idaho Falls and attended Utah Valley University. She loves being able to work for home in our support team. She is passionate about her three beautiful children and husband. They are her life! When she can escape she loves to go to the movies. Requel enjoys outdoor activities with her family as long as she doesn’t have to sleep outdoors. So, no company camping trips for Requel!

account executive at busybusy wearing button up polo

Royce L.

Account Executive

data analyst wearing blue polo with spiked hair

Ryan J.

Account Executive

Wes A.

Account Executive

Engineering Team

By far the most diverse members of the busybusy team, they are constantly at work improving and expanding busybusy features.

android engineer at busybusy

Cruz O.

Android Engineer

Cruz grew up in Saint George, Utah. When he started at Dixie State University, he was studying to become a doctor when an opportunity presented itself to play professional video games. After professional video games, he decided to return to Dixie State University to study computer science. He enjoys spending time with his family.

Donald T.

iOS Engineer

Donald grew up in Colorado City, Arizona and attended the Mohave Community College. He received his degree in Computer Science. He is passionate about studying and understanding the universe we live in. He teaches physics and the Centennial Park Academy. Donald is interested in computer science, physics, mathematics and philosophy. He likes to read and his favorite book is “The Apology” by Plato. He also enjoys volleyball, football and hiking.

quality assurance lead at busybusy

Donna R.

Quality Assurance Lead

Donna was born and raised in California and came to southern Utah after a number of years in the grey and damp Pacific Northwest. Moving here, she learned just how much she loves the desert and the sunny warmth. When not doing her best to catch and report software bugs in all of our applications, she can be found outside running, walking, or hiking.

Drew C.

Web Services Lead

Drew grew up in Hacienda Heights, California before moving to St. George. He attended Dixie State University and received a degree in Information Technology. Drew is very passionate about busybusy and his family. He believes that he helps take the pain out of time dilation and stops heads from exploding one app download at a time. Drew loves hanging out with his wonderful family and working on his house. He enjoys programming, swimming water polo and paintballing.

Gavin R.

Web Services

Gavin was born here in St. George, Utah. He spent two years on a LDS mission in the Czech Republic before attending Dixie State University. At DSU he graduated with his Computer Information Technology Degree with an emphasis in Computer science. His love of programing began with a high school course and he knew that is what he wanted to do for the rest of his life. His favorite is back end programming and getting into the nitty gritty of computer science. Gavin enjoys spending time with his wife and twin boys playing racquetball, pickleball and basketball.

Jason M.

Lead Engineer

Jason R.

Web App Developer

Jason grew up in Northern Utah and attended Dixie State on a Presidential Scholarship for Visual Technologies. He has been developing websites for 16 years now, and there is nothing he would rather be doing. Jason is passionate about leveraging technology to build in new and interesting ways. He enjoys playing way too many video games and finding projects where he can experiment with new techniques.

busybusy employee dedicated to providing a quick and sustainable method to track time and equipment

Keith A.

Web App Developer

Keith grew up in Los Angeles and has been interested in web design since he was a teenager. He started building websites at the age is 14, and years later was able to turn his hobby into a career. Keith was fed up with freelance, and we knew he would be a perfect fit at busybusy. He is constantly learning new web programing languages and checking out the latest tech gadgets. When he’s not in the office he likes to hang with his family, play the guitar and watch hockey!

IOS engineer at busybusy


iOS Engineer

PJ is from Price, Utah. He received a Bachelor Degree in Computer Science from Weber State University. He has been doing iOS development for about five years.

busybusy employee dedicated to providing a quick and sustainable method to track time and equipment

Rick J.

Design Lead

Rick grew up in Southern Utah. He worked in the construction industry for 13 years before deciding to change careers. Rick attended Dixie State University and received his degree in Visual Technologies. He originally planned on being an illustrator but after taking a web development class at the university he decided to change to web and mobile development. He is passionate about his family and loves spending time with them outdoors. Rick enjoys computer programing, drawing and eating Mexican food.

busybusy employee dedicated to providing a quick and sustainable method to track time and equipment

Simon B.

Android Team Lead

Eh, Simon’s from Canada! He received his bachelor degree in computer science from Southern Utah University. Simon is passionate about elevating others and helping them grow and improve. He enjoys playing guitar and playing with his adorable daughter. He loves maple syrup, so don’t try and mess with his maple doughnuts!

Product Team

Keeping a pulse on the construction industry, while listening to our customer’s needs for future product development.

product manager at busybusy

Charles H.

Product Manager

Charles is from Cedar City, Utah. He attended Southern Utah University and received his degree in computer science. Charles is passionate about creating good user experience. He strongly believes in progress through technology, processes and empathy. In his free time, he enjoys playing video games and following tournaments and players. Charles also likes to spend time with his dog.


Garrett P.

Data Analyst

data analyst at busybusy wearing black tshirt

Trent P.

Sr. Data Analyst


The scientists behind the madness, our office team keeps everyone pointed in the same direction in other words, they are the Mensa level geniuses who have managed to herd cats.

Anne P.

Sales & Marketing Admin

Anne was born and raised in southern Colorado and moved to Southern Utah in 2014 when she married her amazing husband! She graduated from Adam’s State University, in Colorado, with a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration. Over the years, she has owned / managed 3 businesses. In her spare time, she likes to camp, fish, garden, repurpose furniture and spend time with her husband who travels a lot for his job. She have two grown daughters and 4 granddaughters that all live in Colorado who she misses very much!

Brigham T.

Chief Operating Officer

Brigham is from Northern Arizona. He attended the University of Utah for a degree in Mechanical Engineering. Brigham is passionate about bringing processes into statistical control and optimizing their output. He enjoys generating a positive change in himself and in others. Brigham is into robotics, automation, alternative energy systems and modern architecture. He likes to mountain bike, hike and run. He also loves to play golf and racquetball.

vp of sales and marketing at busybusy wearing a suit

Derrik S.

Chief Revenue Officer

Isaac B.

Chief Executive Officer

Isaac is originally from Northern Utah. He has over 18 years experience in Construction Management. Isaac has spent 6 years in the technology industry developing busybusy. His passion for systems and processes fueled his entrepreneurial drive. He saw the need to help with the primary responsibilities business owners face through technology and systemization. He is actively engaged in educating the industry, and has been a featured speaker at many events on the value of adopting culture and technology in the construction industry.

busybusy employee dedicated to providing a quick and sustainable method to track time and equipment

Marleen B.

Human Resources