5 ways to Simplify Your Payroll Process

Collect accurate data

Paper time cards are a big hassle. You have to travel out to different sites, track down employees to make corrections to their timecards, decipher their handwriting, then manually log all that data into your payroll program.

All these tasks are automated using the busybusy time clock app.

busybusy tracks employee time with one click. We want employees to focus on their work and not fumble around an app all morning.

The same interface is used when your employee wants to go on break or switch projects.

gif of the clock in process on busybusy app iphone

Stop tracking down employees

Developed by a construction company with a mobile workforce in mind, busybusy users have a GPS timestamp attached to each clock in/out, so you can see when they arrive on site.

You can also enable Geo-fencing for your job sites. You can set up a virtual radius around your job sites so that employees get alerts to clock in as they enter the job site.

gif showing employee GPS view on busybusy app iphone

Technology for the whole team

busybusy has the ability to group workers together, so that supervisors can clock them in and out. This enables your entire team to accurately report their hours, even if some of them don’t have a smartphone.

Time entries can be reviewed and modified from the busybusy web dashboard. On top of collecting time entries busybusy makes your overtime calculations for you.

screenshot showing supervisor performing a group clock in on busybusy app

Cut down on office work

The busybusy time tracking system automatically detects time entry conflicts like overlapping time entries. Your payroll manager can quickly edit or merge time entries.

busybusy has a built in system that allows employees to schedule time off. Employees can schedule both paid and non-paid time off.

gif showing the process of scheduling time off on busybusy app iphone

Report and Improve

As your employees clock in/out you get real-time generated reports. Your reports show you the most up to date data of your current labor costs.

The busybusy payroll report includes how many hours each employee works per pay period as well as their overtime. It also calculates the total labor cost for each employee.

Export your reports as CSV or any spreadsheet filetype. Busybusy seamlessly integrates with payroll programs such as Quickbooks, Gusto, and more.

Read more about how to process payroll with quickbooks using busybusy.

busybusy is your secret weapon. We take care of the data collection create reports to make running payroll easier for you.

screenshot of the busybusy web app showing employee payroll report

"busybusy has made such a difference in the way we do our payroll. It used to take me 3 hours to log all the hours for each job and each employee. I used to dread payroll! Now with busybusy it's like having an extra employee in the office taking care of all the things I hate doing."


Dream Woods, Inc.