Sales Development Rep


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Job Description

Did you know that most CEOs start their career in sales? Even Warren Buffett and Mark Cuban were salesmen first. Good News, busybusy is hiring new salespeople right now including a couple of SDRs and an AE.

busybusy is currently one of the fastest-growing tech companies in the state of Utah. This means there are tons of opportunities to grow within the company for top performers. We are looking for individuals who have go-getter attitudes and want to make an immediate impact.

About the SDR Gig

As a Sales Development Representative (SDR) at busybusy you are the top of the sales funnel. This means you’ll spend your time finding qualified buyers who are looking to improve their business. As an SDR every opportunity counts so it is critical that you’re efficient with the resources you’re given. Those who succeed in this role tend to be competitive, gritty, and relentless in pursuit of success.

The Scoop

busybusy is the top time-tracking and field management software in our industry. We have over 40,000 contractors that use our product every day in more than 30 countries.

The construction industry as a whole is late to the Tech Party. Within the last year, there’s been a tidal wave of construction companies starting to catch the vision of how technology improves efficiency and profitability. Lucky for us, we have a product that is mature enough to capitalize on this technology movement and Caterpillar as an investor to help further ensure our success.

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