Integrating Health Screens into Your Business with busybusy

Covid and Your Business

2020 threw a lot of curveballs at us. We aren’t even sure if they’re done coming yet. But that doesn’t mean we can’t prepare for running our businesses safely. In baseball when someone throws a curve, we teach our kids to hit it. As life throws curves, you hope technology can help us keep up. Good news, we got you!

With the newest updates to busybusy, we added in health pre-screen features to collect self-assessment data from your teams. We know your business needs to continue and continue safely. We know your crews want to work and continue supporting their families. This is harder than ever with the unpredictability of COVID-19 and it’s unruly spread through populations. Knowing and understanding the incubation periods and first sign symptoms help keep your team safe.

Our assessment is HIPPA compliant and addresses primary screening mechanisms for self-assessment before your team starts work. Our app asks a few simple questions at the start of every shift for every employee.

Quick and Easy

Covid-19- Check We make it easy, without adding in another piece of software or application.

  1. We don’t charge you more! Unlike many other programs, we simply want to help you navigate through COVID and run your business.
  2. We manage your liability by not allowing your employees to clock in without a health screen.
  3. We’ve taken this a step further and prevent clocking in if your employees assessment indicates COVID-19 risks. We instead advise them to speak to their supervisor for next steps. (If the supervisor deems the employee fit to proceed with work, the supervisor can clock the employee in)

With busybsuy, we made it easy, we made it quick. We all know our employees want to work because they want to continue supporting their families. We work with you and your employees to identify risk of contracting COVID-19 among your teams to make sure you can all continue working safely and business can proceed as best as possible.

When an employee answers one of these questions that may put others at risk, they are not allowed to clock in and instead instructed to contact their supervisor. Data from employee input is not shared with others, your company is the only one who has access to this information. Your business team decides how to handle the next steps between additional health screening, COVID testing, and potential quarantine.

Also, click here to watch a 60 second demo video about how the COVID question works in our app/software.

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