When Payroll Issues Aren’t the Only Explosive Situations

Getting paid is everyone’s priority in business. However, sometimes more immediate concerns distract from the details of daily time sheets, job accounting, and turning in other paperwork to the payroll department. When employees are working with heavy equipment and explosives, punching in or out for a break or when they move to another job site is less of a priority than safety.

At 3 Rivers Drilling and Blasting in Cedar City, Utah, the most important thing on a job is safety. Taking time to log in, log out, and mark job locations for a payday two weeks away is the last thing on anyone’s mind when the warning horn sounds before a blast.

Headaches in the Office

When workers at a drill or blast site didn’t have time to pencil in details on their weekly time sheets, it made payroll a confusing mess. The office manager was about to have a nervous breakdown before 3 Rivers discovered the busybusy app.

Since launching the time tracking app, 3 Rivers Drilling and Blasting streamlined a payroll process that used to be a tattered mess of paperwork and late changes. With better time tracking, shared data, and quick approvals for job extensions, payroll is a breeze for the office manager.

Everyone in both the office and the field notices and appreciates the increase in productivity and accuracy.

Working Under Changing Conditions

With most jobs, clocking in is a straightforward and standardized procedure. When you’re outdoors working with high explosives, however, a job site can change on a dime. Even the weather can play havoc with a schedule, bringing unexpected rain showers and wind that can delay a job for minutes or hours.

Reassigning job times and resources is as simple as a tap with the busybusy app. With clickable screens and open input boxes for notes, the app takes the hassle out of rescheduling a blast at last second. Job changes were a headache at 3 Rivers Drilling and Blasting, but now with everyone interconnected, updates are easy.

Reduce Mental Distractions

Dangerous jobs, like drilling and blasting, are not the only industries that benefit from the features of busybusy’s user-friendly mobile app. Any small business or company that manages multiple worksites, functions outdoors, or has employees and contractors working out of highly stressful locations will appreciate less field paperwork.

The busybusy app eliminates the number one safety risk on a jobsite: mental distraction. Cut out the paperwork, folders, and need to scribble constant notes.

Write Estimates that Work

If there’s one thing that can hamper a business’s growth, it’s a reputation for overruns. Clients expect bids and estimates to be trustworthy and accurate.

At 3 Rivers Drilling and Blasting, the company knows the cost of explosives, fuel, and other equipment-related expenses. The only variable on most jobs is the labor.

Before they tried the busybusy app, labor costs exceeded estimates because the company had no way of tracking job hours and gathering data. Now, supervisors have access to daily numbers to monitor job productivity and track labor costs which means that estimates are more accurate and customers are happier.

Let busybusy come to work for your organization. Get in touch to learn more about how we can streamline your processes so you can focus on what you do best.

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