The Construction Software You Should Be Using Right Now

You know how important it is to have the right tools for the job—so why are you running your business with outdated construction software (or no software at all)? 

There are many great options out there, whether you’re looking for a mobile time clock for construction, something to help you with project management, or simply something to help you consolidate your resources. Here, we offer a firsthand look at our favorite construction software and how it can help with everything from customer service to managing multiple jobs. 

Procore — A Great All-Around Solution

Procore is a little bit of everything, and then some. Some of our favorite features include the ability to manage all of your bids in one place, as well as Procore’s financial management features.

Procore even lets you track work hours using your own tools. It integrates easily with busybusy, too. You can gather all your information using our cloud-based mobile app and input that information directly into Procore, giving you access to all the data you need — entirely in real time. 

Buildertrend — Great For Customer Service

There are plenty of reasons to invest in Buildertrend, but the thing that stands out is how it can help improve customer service. With this construction software, you can quickly and easily manage bid requests and even marketing in the pre-sales process. From there, it gives you the ability to manage multiple customers, which is especially important when working multiple jobs. 

PlanGrid — Get Organized

Organization isn’t easy, especially when you’ve got a lot going on at your job site. With PlanGrid, it becomes a whole lot easier to keep track of project information, including drawings and important documents. PlanGrid also has a terrific module for field reports where you can keep track of daily reports. That includes any reports you’ve gathered with construction time clocks—busybusy included.

CoConstruct — Fully Integrated Financials

Among the many things CoConstruct has to offer is a financial system that’s fully integrated. That means you only have to input important financial data once. After that, it automatically flows to the job estimate, bids, and budgets. When you use busybusy to track construction time and input that data into CoConstruct it’s easier than ever to figure out what that information means. This is a tool that truly helps you work smarter instead of harder.

busybusy — Track Time Like a Boss

We love busybusy and we aren’t ashamed to say it. There are plenty of things that make it the best time-card app you can invest in today and the nice thing is the investment is a low cost, high return investment so the sooner the better. If you’re currently considering it as an alternative to a portable time clock for construction or traditional time cards, there are more than a few reasons to make the change. 

Among those things are features such as GPS location tools to monitor employees (as well as equipment) and advanced mobile reporting. busybusy also has a simple, clean, and stylish interface that can help you track time like the boss you are. And let’s not forget that better time tracking also leads to better job costing and overall lower job costs


Any of these tools can be a great way to help your business come out on top in the construction market. If you’re interested in making things simpler, saving time and — most importantly for a lot of us — saving money, check them out today. And if you’re ready for a time-tracking solution that really works, contact us now to see how busybusy can help you keep your jobs profitable.